Forget Russiagate – Susan Rice Scandal a Constitutional Crisis

Charlie Hurt | Breitbart,

Is any American safe from political espionage thuggery?

Well, that explains the deafening silence from President Obama.

All these months, it turns out, it was his right-hand hatchet gal and exposed serial prevaricator Susan Rice who was behind the scenes in his administration working all the levers of the most powerful espionage machine on planet Earth to spy on Mr. Obama’s political enemies.

This is jaw-dropping, bombshell information.

Not because it reveals Susan “Benghazi was about a video” Rice to be a liar. We already knew that.

Not because it exposed the Obama administration as the most nakedly partisan presidency in modern history, willing to use even the most sacred powers of the federal government for political purposes. We already knew that too.

ricegate2_small Forget Russiagate – Susan Rice Scandal a Constitutional Crisis Scandals

What is so astonishing about the revelation that Ms. Rice was the one unmasking Donald Trump and his campaign before, during and after he won the presidency, is that it doesn’t get any closer to Barack Obama himself.

Ms. Rice was Mr. Obama’s national security adviser, one of his closest aides. They spoke all the time. She worked directly for him. Here she was spying on Mr. Obama’s political enemies while in daily contact with him at the very height of the most contentious presidential election in memory. You don’t think she and the president discussed this?

The revelation that Ms. Rice was the operator behind the spying answers just one question. But it raises a thousand more.

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  • CatHammer

    Rice is purely barry’s tool. Was for Benghazi, Bergdahl, etc., and she is with this. She may not have released restricted info directly, but she set it up to happen, spreading it around enough to know one of the minions would leak it.

  • RockyMtn1776

    What Killary did is even worse. Selling 20% of the uranium in the US to Russia was just part of her pay to play for the Clinton Foundation. Whoever said crime don’t pay has never met the Clinton’s. Not only that, they got away with it !