Hail, the Queen of Collusion

Michael Reagan,

Excuse me, but didn’t I write this column already?

Didn’t I point out a while ago that when it comes to asking the Russians to mess with our presidential elections the real pros of collusion have always been the Democrats?

Now I remember.

In a column for Newsmax late last year I pointed out several well-documented instances in 1979, 1980 and 1984 where prominent Democrats connived with Moscow to advance their own presidential chances or damage my father’s.

Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy and Tip O’Neill each contacted the Soviets and asked them to do things that would undermine American foreign policy and keep my father from being elected or re-elected.

It didn’t work, but it wasn’t for the Democrats’ lack of trying.

Last May on CNN I tried to remind Don Lemon of the Democrats’ shameful record of colluding with the despots of Moscow, but he was too busy joining in the MSM’s hysterical gang bang of Donald Trump to discuss such ancient history.

hillarycorrupt_small Hail, the Queen of Collusion Conspiracy  Lemon also didn’t want to hear it from me that I thought President Trump did not collude with the Russians, but I told him so - or tried to.

Now it turns out that Hillary and the Democratic National Committee were the ones who were rolling around in a dirty bed with the Russians.

It apparently was her incompetent billion-dollar election campaign and the DNC that hired the political consulting firm that in turn commissioned a salacious but totally fake anti-Trump dossier that included information supplied by Russian intelligence sources.

And before that it was then-Secretary of State Hillary, her partner-in-crime Bill and their phony Clinton Foundation that were handsomely rewarded by Putin’s friends for smoothing Russia’s purchase of 20 percent of America’s uranium supply.

The amazing events of this week have outed Hillary as the real colluder in chief.

When the former FBI informant who knows the details of the Uranium One deal shares his files with a few congressional committees, Hillary, Bill and the DNC should be in big trouble.

The DNC’s current leadership’s initial defense was pure chickenhearted BS - “It wasn’t us who paid for that fake Russian dirt on Trump. It was those bad guys who were there before us.”

Hillary and Bill will never confess to any wrongdoing, of course. They’ll tell their usual lies and try to wriggle off the hook.

And the liberal media will do all they can to excuse their heroes’ latest sins and downplay the obvious corruption of their foundation’s cynical pay-for-play racket.

At CNN and elsewhere they’ve already begun to argue that Trump and Clinton and the Democrats and the Republicans are all equally guilty of desecrating our election process.

But this week looks like the opening episode of a long-running TV series called “UraniumGate,” starring Hillary and Bill as the co-villains.

It’s no surprise to anyone who’s lived through the last 30 years that it’s the Clintons who were the real Russian colluders.

They’re proving once again why they deserve to be the poster politicians for what’s wrong with politics in Washington.

People like them - and their apologists - are one of the main reasons Americans elected a political outsider like Donald Trump.

For decades the Clintons have been able to escape punishment for their many political and ethical crimes, but this time maybe they won’t be so lucky.

  • TJ

    We, The People, are anxious to see equal justice under the law dished out to the Clintons. Lock her up!