Liberals Hate Being Held to Their Own Standards

Derek Hunter,

Aside from testosterone, the military, small businesses, the private sector, attractive women, private property, happily married heterosexuals, and people who refuse to conform to their Utopian-or-else drum circle mentality, there few thingsliberals hate more than being held to the rules they’ve set for others. When it happens, they generally react the same way – to scream like a teenage girl that they’re a victim.

Liberals found some of their favorite fellow travelers on the business end of the Sword of Damocles they’ve been lording over the rest of us for years. Forgive me if I don’t give a damn.

Congressman John Conyers was forced to resign in disgrace to stop an ethics investigation from discovering who knows how many more victims of his sexual advances. The Ethic Committee does not investigate former Members, so their inquiry stopped immediately. 

Senator Al Franken was forced to resign in disgrace after his 8th accuser came forward. He was angry in announcing his resignation, which will happen at some undetermined point in the future. Democrats forced him out specifically so they could claim the moral high ground, which goes to show that liberals will do the right thing…when every other option has been exhausted.

Democrats at the Washington Post were quick to congratulate themselves and use Franken’s eventual resignation for political purposes, which was the only reason it was done, by declaring that they were the “only one of our two great parties” with “any integrity.”

liberalstandards_small Liberals Hate Being Held to Their Own Standards Liberals

Seems the magic number of accusers is 8, after which that vaunted “integrity” kicks in.

While those political resignations were orchestrated explicitly to weaponize the concept against Roy Moore, who is his own kind of gross, they weren’t the only controversy surrounding a liberal this week.

If you were on social media at the start of this week you probably saw some liberal whining about progressive podcaster Sam Seder being fired by MSNBC over a tweet he’d send years ago making a joke about Roman Polanski. Seder, host of what you have to assume is the ironically named “Majority Report” podcast, was a long-time contributor to the Democratic Party’s unofficial cable “news” network and a favorite of the beta-male set.

Seder’s undoing was a result of a tweet he’d sent in 2009, when liberal Hollywood was attempting, yet again, the rehabilitate child-rapist Polanski. In protest, Seder tweeted, “Don’t care re Polanski, but I hope if my daughter is ever raped it is by an older truly talented man w/a great sense of mise en scene.”

The tweet was unearthed and publicized by alt-righters and MSNBC fired Seder within hours.

It was clearly a joke, a bad one, but a joke nonetheless.

Still, I don’t care.

This “taking quotes out of context” game is where liberals live, and has been a weapon used against conservatives for two decades. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and just about everyone who sits behind a microphone or appears on TV and does not spew Democrat-approved talking points has found themselves being smeared by MSNBC and their flying monkey Gestapo army at Media Matters. It’s about damn time they got a dose, as small as it was, of their own medicine.

Seder’s sponsors were targeted on Twitter, which is another favorite tactic of these goose-stepping goons.

That Seder was fired over what was clearly a bogus reason is sad, but it’s their rules, so who cares?

Liberal journalists, who either fall in line with Media Matters ideology or have remained silent was it was used to chase away sponsors from conservatives, clutched their pearls when the Seder news broke.

MSNBC’s own Chris Hayes tweeted, “Also, I reiterate my longstanding position that people shouldn’t be fired for a tweet, *particularly* one that is obviously being read in manifestly bad faith.” He not only must not watch his own network, he doesn’t appear to watch his own show.

Seder immediately declared himself a victim of a “right-wing smear,” as is the standard liberal reaction to being held to their own rules, and tried to raise money off it. Welcome to the club, Sam.

It sucks that anyone would be on the receiving end of a deliberate smear job, where their words are deliberately taken out of context to harm someone for the simple act of having a different opinion on politics, but these are their rules, not ours. They started this game, they weaponized the out-of-context billy club, so to Hell with them.

Unlike Jeffrey Lord, who was fired by CNN for an out of context tweet being lied about by left-wingers, Seder was hired back at MSNBC after 2 days of outrage from liberal journalists. Liberals have no problem with conservatives being railroaded, but they hate it when they’re held to the standards they set for everyone else. They can take comfort in the fact that it only lasts a few days, then all is forgiven.

John Conyers and Al Franken got what they deserved, Sam Seder was screwed (temporarily). It’s hard to feel badly for any of them because it’s clear they will never, ever extend the same courtesy to anyone else.

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