Make your winning bet on the greyhound races

In recent years, on the websites of the bookmakers, we can see an increase of the bets on greyhound racing. For many countries, these kinds of bets are still very exotic, as racing by itself.

In terms of interest rates in the UK greyhound racing takes place in the top three most popular sports betting with horse racing and football. Only within the country during a year about 50 thousand races passes. In addition to the UK, this sport is also popular in the best betting websites of France, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and Australia. 

History of greyhound races 

The origins of the greyhound races go to a rabbit hunt. At the end of the XVIII century, it became a popular hobby to breed an artificial hare.

This sport began to become popular day after day, so in many cities in Europe were build special stadiums for greyhound races. Dog owners who participated in the race received enough money for the victory.

If the dog has demonstrated good results, the owners can get for its sale of a few thousand dollars or make good bets on his dog and win a lot of money. And now the greyhound races almost as popular as betting on football. 

Analysis of betting for the greyhound races 

Statistical data from the races can greatly assist in the analysis. Attention should be paid not only to the final position. The distance of the races can play an important role. Some dogs can be good at short ranges, but on the long distances, they will never be first.

At the moment, there are more than 10 classes of the races, however, many dogs are involved in several different classes. It is a well-known fact that a dog can be lowered or raised in the class, depending on the results of races.