New York Dems Push Gun Control After Truck Attack

Brendan Kirby,

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio talked firearms, avoiding the real cause of terror.

A Muslim extremist bent on hatred of the West plowed his pickup truck into a group of pedestrians in Manhattan. So, naturally, New York’s leading politicians reacted by calling for more restrictive gun laws.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke about the issue Wednesday at a news conference to update the public about Tuesday’s attack.

“There’s a much bigger conversation we could have about gun safety,” he said. “The NYPD has always vigorously believed that we need to keep guns out of this city and that gun safety laws are here to protect us and protect our officers.”


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo echoed de Blasio’s comments and praised the 2013 passage of the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, which prohibits certain kinds of firearms defined as “assault weapons,” limits the size of high-capacity magazines and requires criminal background checks for people buying ammunition.

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“As far as gun laws, I am increasingly proud that New York State passed some of the smartest gun laws in the country, the SAFE Act,” he said at the news conference. “I think it is madness the number of assault weapons that we have in this country. I think that it endangers law enforcement. I think that it costs us untold numbers of deaths. And I hope that one day we’ll have a federal policy that actually brings sanity to the gun policy laws in this country.”

The comments may strike some as strange, since the attacker who killed eight people on Tuesday, Sayfullo Saipov, used a vehicle to do it, not a gun.

But Larry Pratt, executive director emeritus of Gun Owners of America, noted that former New York City Mayor David Dinkins once used a knife attack as justification for gun control.

“That’s what New York City mayors do,” he told LifeZette. “It does illustrate a continuation of a default reaction by New York City politicians, from Dinkins to de Blasio … They have a real fear of an armed populace.”

De Blasio also said he favored “vetting” of people coming into the United States, as long as it does not involve where they are coming from or what their religious beliefs are.

“I can say simply, we support vetting of individuals. We support thorough vetting, not of groups of people just because they belong to a group,” he said. “We think that this is a very crucial distinction. There should be very, very careful vetting of anyone where there’s an indication of a concern. But not because of their religion. Not because of their country of origin.”

Kyle Shideler, director of the threat assessment office of the Center for Security Policy, said it makes no sense to treat immigrants the same regardless of what countries they are coming from.

The president says he’s taking steps now to get rid of the program that allowed the terrorist from Uzbekistan into the country.

“We know that there are major jihadist elements of work in a number of countries … We are going to be concerned about some countries more than others,” he said.

Shideler said political correctness led de Blasio to curtail the New York City Police Department’s efforts to monitor extremist mosques and individuals.

“Mayor de Blasio’s approach to this entire problem is nonsensical,” he said.

  • TopCat_Texas

    It seems that logic escapes these two. The off duty officer, legally armed citizen, used 9 shots to STOP this criminal. The NY SAFE act was written to not allow more than 7 rounds, so this criminal may not have been stopped. If there were more than one criminal involved, certainly the chances of stopping the criminals would have been much less likely. The NY SAFE act along with most other “gun control” laws do much more harm that good. Time to use real logic to keep law abiding citizens safe. Namely, we need more trained, practiced, and armed “good guy” citizens.

    • jimadoo

      don’t you know you don’t need more than 7 bullets to kill a deeeaaahhh! whatsamaatttayou? You got enough ziti in ny you can have all the bullets you want and you gotta know the right people.

  • Renov8

    Both of them are blowhards…love to hear themselves talk and feel they have all the answers…Absolutely wrong. Heck they don’t even have solutions, much less know how to go about solving the problems they have. Isn’t that what being a Democrat is all about? Keeping you in a state of fear, in the dark and feeding you one horseshit line after another.
    Want some real leaders, the hire some real men or women and not these pansy ass losers you have entrusted your lives with.

  • equestrian_colt

    These Fing Nazi wannabe anti everything power happy control freaks are a special kind of stupid. You Libtards keep pushing your cowardism and stupidology soon you will be at the end of the barrel of a gun when a civil war starts.

  • equestrian_colt

    Hey Facebook since your in bed with the government make sure you hurry and report that

  • andy

    I am always amazed that the people who voted these Democrats into office haven’t figured out they are talking rocks. Although that may be insulting rocks.

  • L84Cabo

    A terrorist goes on a killing rampage with a truck and these two idiots are talking about gun control. And you wonder why nothing ever gets done to solve problems? Perhaps it’s because the solutions being proposed have absolutely NOTHING to do with the problem at hand. But hey, never let a good tragedy go to waste.

    Then there was this little gem…

    “I think it is madness the number of assault weapons that we have in this country. I think that it endangers law enforcement. I think that it costs us untold numbers of deaths.”

    Um…the FBI keeps data on this, ya know? About 3.5% of all gun deaths are cause by rifles…that’s all rifles, including Assault Rifles, Shotguns and other Rifles. So the number of deaths caused by just Assault Rifles is about 2%. You’re worried about 2% and that’s your justification for subjugating peoples rights.

    These guys don’t have a full brain between them.