They Don’t Hate The NRA. They Hate You.

Kurt Schlichter, The progressives are cranking things up to 11 on the Stupid/Psycho Scale, which is good for us in the short term – some of us Normals were growing complacent and the midterms are coming. But we also need to open our eyes and accept the bitter reality we face. We can’t just pretend

Another School Shooting, Another Flawed Response

Bruce Thornton, Our culture’s inability to talk meaningfully about the most consequential phenomenon in history. The reactions to the Florida school shooting have been so predictable that most commentary starts with some variation of “here we go again.” The usual “solutions” to the problem are trotted out, each with its varying degrees of weakness, and

Liberals Only Believe In Climate Change Catastrophe When It Suits Them

Nicholas Waddy, Recently a rash of lawsuits have been filed by California municipalities targeting energy companies. The claim these lawsuits make is that these California communities face imminent adverse environmental impacts due to climate change, caused by energy producers, which will force them to spend billions on infrastructural projects to mitigate weather- and sea level-related

Muslim Derangement Syndrome in Canada

Lloyd Billingsley, Credulity for Muslim hoaxes, willful ignorance for Muslim attacks. When Khawlah Noman claimed a man in his 20s twice tried to cut her hijab that quickly became a national story in Canada. Toronto mayor John Tory and Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne weighed in on the case, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proclaimed that

Why Ben Shapiro is Wrong About Needing Political Elites

Daniel Greenfield, Does America need “political elites“? Ben Shapiro says, we do. As consumers, we tend to pick experts for jobs, from established brands. In our politicians, we do the opposite. That makes fringy mediocrity a calling card. Enough is enough. I’m a Tea Partier down to the bone — I want power out of

Democrats Insist on DACA Amnesty

Matthew Vadum, Democrats’ insistence on an immediate immigration amnesty for potentially millions of young illegal aliens may shut down the federal government at midnight tonight for the first time in the Trump era. The House vote to fund the government whose funds run out later today, came as the Trump administration sent out confusing mixed

The 7 Factors Turning America From a Great Nation Into an Also-Ran

John Hawkins, If you were to list the “greatest” nations in world history, you’d come up with some like the United States and Great Britain that are still doing fairly well. However, quite a few once great nations like Greece, Egypt, and Iran are sad, pathetic shells of what they used to be. Then there

President Trump’s First Year

Newt Gingrich, January 20 is the first anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration. I have known nine presidents, beginning with President Richard Nixon. Of those nine presidents, the only one who was as effective as President Trump in his first year was President Ronald Reagan. That judgment may surprise a lot of people because the opposition

The Media Will Become Irrelevant Unless This Change Is Made

Jackie Gingrich Cushman, For the news industry to thrive, it has to address their audience’s low opinion of their work product and make it better. While the First Amendment provides freedom of the press, it does not address the potential bias of those who work in the press, or what control the press might have.

Linda Tripp Laughs Last at the Clintons

Suzanne Fields, What fools (and hypocrites) these mortals be. Two decades have passed since Linda Tripp blew the whistle on sexual hijinks in high places with her tapes of Monica Lewinsky, the young intern who described to her confidant and colleague the passionate ordeal of a sexual liaison with the president of the United States.

Did Donald Trump Change His Mind on Domestic Spying?

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Late last week, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, repeated his public observations that members of the intelligence community — particularly the CIA, the NSA and the intelligence division of the FBI — are not trustworthy with the nation’s intelligence secrets. Because he has a

Donald Trump’s Greatest Gift Is His Enemies

David Harsanyi, Every morning, it seems, President Donald Trump’s most determined opponents awake to find out what sort of obnoxious, fact-challenged, puerile, norm breaking thing he has offered that day and say to themselves: “Oh, that’s nothing. We can do something dumber than that!” So the nation wades from one bizarre and nonsensical controversy to