Black Lives Matter Protester Tries To Rip Down Confederate Flag, Gets Arrested

Muhiyidin Elamin Moye, a Black Lives Matter activist, was arrested for disorderly conduct by police in Charleston, South Carolina after he leapt toward a man hoisting a Confederate flag. The Washington Post reported that the event occurred on February 22 near the College of Charleston, where James Bessenger attempted to fly the secessionist symbol in protest to an event on campus.

The College of Charleston invited Bree Newsome, an activist famous for scaling the flagpole in front of the South Carolina statehouse that flew the Confederate flag, to make an appearance on campus. Bessenger, who is the chairman of the South Carolina Secessionist Party, decided to counter-protest her appearance, taking issue with the possibility of members of the college community “glorifying what she had done.”

confedflag_small Black Lives Matter Protester Tries To Rip Down Confederate Flag, Gets Arrested Civil Rights

Five minutes after Bessenger hoisted the flag, Moye decided to act. Here was his justification for charging Bessenger:

I looked at our elders and I saw, like, fear in their eyes. And I saw them back up, almost. That was the moment for me. We’re not going to pass this on another generation. Not another generation of people are going to be intimidated by this flag.

This is how microaggression culture justifies macroaggressive behavior. After taking offense from Bessenger’s peaceful protest, Moye believed it was just to leap over a barricade and attack Bessenger instead of engaging with him civilly. Naturally, his leftist allies celebrated Moye’s actions, referring to him as a hero. This is a problem that Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro has continuously emphasized in his lectures and his writing. Here is how he rationalized the behavior at the University of Missouri nearly a year and a half ago:

Now, the beautiful thing about microaggressions is the term itself: microaggressions. They aren’t “micro-offensive statements.” Or “micro-insults.” They’re tiny aggressions, almost physical in nature. Such aggressions, as with all aggressions, call for punishment. Calling a transgender female – a man who thinks he is a woman – “sir” is grounds for legal battery, according to the left, because it is simply too microaggressive. Words may not break our bones, but they justify sticks and stones. That’s why assistant professor Melissa Click of Mizzou felt justified in calling for some “muscle” to deal with a reporter who wanted to take pictures of hunger-striking students: “She said she felt threatened by [reporter Mark Schierbecker]…She said she felt that she and the students were being aggressed upon.” That’s why black students at Mizzou said today that they wanted white students moved away from them so they could have a “safe space” — “white privilege” itself, the status of whiteness, represents a “microaggression” in need of full-on racist rectification.

As long as the left continues to think in terms of microaggressions, it will continue to justify violence against those whom they disagree with.

Watch the incident below: