The Great Marijuana Hoax

By Allen Ginsberg “I’ve never had a chance to explain my position on this subject without interruption, and to a large audience. So people mistakenly think I’m asking people to take dope-fiend dope.”  How much there is to be revealed about marijuana in this decade in America for the general public! The actual experience of […] Read More →

‘Green’ lobby pushes to extend lucrative tax breaks

Kenric Ward,  WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the lame-duck Congress limps to the finish line, billions of dollars in dubious federal energy subsidies remain in limbo. The perennial procrastination has solar- and wind-power lobbyists scrambling for renewal of their industries’ expiring tax credits. If past is prologue, lawmakers will keep the money flowing via “tax extenders,” says […] Read More →

Billy Corgan Responds to Anderson CIA Cooper Hit Piece

Singer issues sharp rebuke in the form of strongly-worded t-shirt. CNN anchor and former CIA intern Anderson Cooper recently took aim at The Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan for having the audacity to use his celebrity status in the name of good. On a recent segment of Anderson Cooper 360 (see bottom of article), the […] Read More →

Lieutenant Governor: Arrest Michael Brown’s Stepfather For ‘Burn This B**ch Down’ Comments

‘He should be charged with inciting to riot’ Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder has called for the arrest of the stepfather of Ferguson’s Michael Brown, following the emergence of video footage in which he was seen inciting rioters. Louis Head, was filmed telling angry mobs in Ferguson Monday to “burn this bi**h down,” after the grand jury […] Read More →

Cosby’s Message Survives Personal Disaster

 What’s fascinating about the coverage of the persuasive accusations against Bill Cosby, now 18 and rising, is that race doesn’t dominate. There’s an outcry at the abuse of women, and he’s shredded the healthy black father family man image he carefully cultivated on his sitcom, but you don’t read or hear notice taken of the […] Read More →

Is Europe Too Rigid to Survive?

 The European Union is suffering from a democracy problem: Too many Europeans feel that integration is being forced upon them. What’s worse, they may be right. New research from a group of economists — Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales — paints a grim picture of the European project from the perspective of its […] Read More →

Pope condemns ‘barbaric violence’ of Islamic State

 Pope Francis said on Friday fighting hunger and poverty, rather than military intervention alone, were key to stopping Islamist militants carrying out “barbaric violence” in Syria and Iraq. In a speech to Turkey’s top cleric, Francis said “an extremist and fundamentalist group” had subjected entire communities in Turkey’s southern neighbors to “barbaric violence simply because […] Read More →

Feud developing between Capitol Hill Dems & White House?

 Ed Morrissey,  Remember when the media warned the GOP that winning the midterm elections would result in an internecine fight that would spell its doooooom? The Hill even used the headline “Civil war looms for the GOP” in an article less than week before the November 4th polling date. The “pressure to govern” would fracture the […] Read More →