Profile of Homegrown Islamic State Terror Suspects Doesn’t Fit Scare Campaigns

Rachel Marsden,   Over the long Independence Day weekend in America, did you spend more time in your little bedroom community pondering the potential of a terrorist attack than wondering how long you should let your hot dogs sizzle on the grill? If so, then America has far more serious problems than terrorism. Right before the… [Read More]

The Impending Consequences of Liberal Progressive Socialist Economics

Allen West,  Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once stated, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” The fallacy of progressive socialists is that they believe such to not be true. It is their belief that there is a constant revenue stream emanating from the so called “wealthy” to… [Read More]

Clinton jabs Republican field on immigration policy

Hillary Rodham Clinton said a Republican in the White House would mark a “big U-turn” for the nation and assailed the GOP presidential field’s stance on an immigration overhaul. Asked about Jeb Bush, the Democratic presidential candidate said: “He doesn’t believe in a path to citizenship. If he did at one time, he no longer… [Read More]

America Will Be Completely Taken Over By The New World Order

In Nov. 2010, Pres. Obama travelled to Mumbai, India where he said, “There is going to be a tug-of-war within the U.S. between those who see globalization (world government) as a threat and those who accept that we live in an open integrated (merged) world.” These words indicate that world government is coming to the… [Read More]

For Normal Relations With Cuba, End U.S. Interventionism

Ron Paul,  Last week, we saw an encouraging sign that the 50 year cold war between the U.S. and Cuba was finally coming to an end. President Obama announced on Wednesday that the U.S. and Cuba would restore full diplomatic relations and that embassies could be re-opened in each country by the end of the… [Read More]

California lawmaker moves to crack down on sanctuary cities in wake of murder

A California lawmaker is making the first move to crack down on sanctuary city policies in San Francisco and the rest of the state after a young woman was murdered, allegedly by an illegal immigrant freed by the city just months earlier.  State Sen. Jeff Stone, a Republican, announced Tuesday he is drafting a bill… [Read More]

DNC hires East Village fire ‘selfie’ tourist as new spokesperson

 A New York City tourist who sparked national outrage after taking a smiling “selfie” in front of the rubble of the deadly East Village inferno in March is now working as a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee and criticizing GOP candidates for their social media output. Christina Freundlich, who previously worked at the Iowa… [Read More]

US Army plans to cut 40,000 troops over next two years

 The U.S. Army is planning to cut more than 40,000 troops over the next two years, a senior U.S. defense official confirmed to Fox News Tuesday. General Martin Dempsey announced at a Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing Tuesday that dwindling resources was a major factor in the decision to cut the number of active troops… [Read More]

Pope: Duty to protect planet, calls for ‘social justice’ on resources

Pope Francis on Tuesday said protecting the planet was no longer a choice but a duty and called for a new “social justice” where access to the earth’s resources would be based on equality instead of economic interests. In back-to-back speeches on the third day of his trip to Ecuador, the pope made his first… [Read More]

Initiative before Congress aims to slash student debt

For most of the 20th century, higher education wasn’t treated as a cash cow, and students were better off for it. Consider: Thousands of college students recently had their school loans forgiven by the federal government. Few are celebrating, though. Washington stepped in to relieve students from paying a for-profit college that had defrauded them…. [Read More]

Ann Coulter Just Reveals What Was Really Happening While America Worried About ISIS

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter is hardly shirking in the face of mounting criticism over her recent remarks about immigrants. As political candidate Donald Trump has lost several lucrative business partnerships in the wake of his controversial remarks on the subject, Coulter has faced mounting accusations of racism – even from some within conservative media.  She… [Read More]

The Dumbest Act Of Anti-Gun Outrage EVER!

Steven Crowder, There are dumb complaints from the anti-gun crowd, there are some really dumb complaints from the anti-gun crowd… and then there’s this complaint from Rita Richardson. She was going through her Sunday morning circulars, and spotted something on sale at JC Penny that outrageously outraged her. In outrageous fashion, mind you. She was… [Read More]