Saudi Arabia: The World’s Greatest Hypocrite

Raymond Ibrahim, Saudi Arabia recently preached to the international community about the need to confront “intolerance, extremism and human rights violations.” If this sounds surreal, consider the following excerpts from a July 26 report in the Saudi Gazette (emphasis added): Saudi Arabia has reiterated its call on the international community to criminalize any act vilifying religious… [Read More]

Fox News Called ‘Black Lives Matter’ 2 Words That Have People Freaking Out

“President Obama has breathed life into this ugly movement,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke charged during a Fox and Friends interview on Monday morning, adding, “We now have to counter this slime, this filth coming out of these cop haters.” The outspoken Wisconsin lawman was referring to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement which he had,… [Read More]

Trump Finds The Most Unlikely Supporter For His Immigration Plan. The Left Will Hate This

Warner Todd Huston, Liberals just might not like it very much if word gets out that the chief political correspondent for the left wing said Donald Trump’s immigration plan just might help him go all the way– and maybe even win over black voters. In an appearance on CNN’s The Situation Room,’s Jamelle Bouie… [Read More]

Poll: 60% Of Americans Against More Gun Control

 Steve Watson |, More than two thirds say shootings are a “mental problem” A survey conducted in the wake of last weeks Virginia shooting of two reporters on live TV finds that a majority of Americans do not believe stricter gun laws would have prevented the incident. Rasmussen finds that only 29 percent of… [Read More]

A Terror Suspect On The No Fly List Was Just Granted A Shocking Privilege By One State

He cannot legally fly on a commercial aircraft because the Department of Homeland Security says he’s a terror threat, but now a Minnesota man has just been given his Class A commercial driver’s license. That means he can get behind the wheel of a cargo-hauling big rig — he might even be allowed to drive… [Read More]

HUGE New Revelation About Trump Could Silence ‘Experts’ Saying He Has No Chance

Even though Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been leading in many recent national and state polls among the 17 candidates seeking the GOP nomination, his favorability rating has been sub-par. As of last weekend, that has started to change. A Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll released Monday finds 23 percent of likely Iowa GOP… [Read More]

Appeals court upholds Jesus statue on Montana mountain

HELENA, Mont. –  A 6-foot tall statue of Jesus that has spent the last 60 years overlooking a northwestern Montana ski hill may stay there, a federal appeals court ruled Monday. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected arguments from a group of atheists and agnostics that allowing the statue to remain on U.S…. [Read More]

UNC’s ‘Literature of 9/11’ course blames America, say critics

A University of North Carolina English course on the 9/11 attacks comes with a lengthy reading list of works that critics say portray Americans as the bad guys and radical Islamists as sympathetic, but some of the professor’s former students warn those taking the class not to disagree with the professor.  According to a posting… [Read More]

Supreme Court denies Kentucky clerk request on gay marriage licenses

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday turned down a Kentucky county clerk’s request for an emergency order allowing her to continue to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples while she appeals a federal judge‘s order requiring her to do so. It was unclear whether Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis would begin issuing marriage licenses when… [Read More]

State Department Finds 150 more Clinton emails that have classified information

About 150 more of Hillary Clinton‘s work emails have recently been designated as containing classified information, the U.S. State Department said on Monday ahead of the public release of the latest batch of emails Clinton handed over last year. The department does not know for sure if any information was classified at the time it… [Read More]

There’s a New Oil Glut in Town, And it could make the old glut even bigger

As crude oil continues to rip higher—it’s currently in the midst of its best three-day performance since January 2009—analysts at Barclays highlight one reason why this rally could prove to be short-lived. Resilience in U.S. shale production and supply increases from members of OPEC have left global oil markets in a prolonged state of surplus. Earlier in the year, this oil… [Read More]