College Offers “Resistance” to Trump Course

Daniel Greenfield,

Colleges are already overflowing with academically worthless, but student pleasing, course. And assorted leftist and identity politics courses that are nothing but organizing and radicalizing. This just cuts out the middle man and combines the two into one worthless radical class. Before long we’ll see an academic course on how to set fire to cars and smash store windows.

Students paying roughly $36,000 in tuition have signed up for a “Special Topics” class titled “Trumpism & U.S. Democracy.” The course, which begins in August and runs until December, explicitly charges the Republican with “perpetuating sexism, white supremacy, xenophobia, nationalism, nativism, and imperialism.”

antitrump_small College Offers "Resistance" to Trump Course Liberals

“This course explores why and how this happened, how Trump’s rhetoric is contrary to the foundation of the U.S. democracy, and what his win means for the future,” reads a description on Butler’s website, first reported Wednesday by The Heartland Institute. “The course will also discuss, and potentially engage in, strategies for resistance.”

The class will be instructed by Professor Ann M. Savage of the university’s Critical Communication and Media Studies department.

So the class amounts to grousing about Trump. So it’s what a lot of professors are already doing in class. Except this time it’ll be official. And students will have actually signed up for it.

This is another symptom of the left losing self-control. From Colbert to that Lynch video to Democracy Dies in Darkness to this, the mask is coming off the left. And as damaging as that is to our country, that is also a good thing. There are no more disguises. No more coy pretenses that Colbert is anything except a vile leftist who hates Republicans or that leftist classes are anything except propaganda and hate.

And considering Savage’s past work, this class is amazingly clear and to the point. Certainly more so than… Defying Borders: Transforming Learning Through Collaborative Feminist Organizing and Interdisciplinary, Transnational Pedagogy.