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Lefties Want to Respect the Military, Unless They Have to Disrespect It

Daniel Greenfield, The media’s head spinning antics have become a little too much even by its incoherent standards.  After trying to resume the old “Gold star family” attack on Trump, whose substance is that he doesn’t respect the military, the media pivoted to furiously hurling attacks at General Kelly. Gold star families have impeccable moral

I’m a Democrat but Nancy Pelosi is totally clueless about what Democrats need to do to win

Bryan Dean Wright, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared Sunday on Fox News to defend herself and the Democratic Party’s new initiative – dubbed A Better Deal – aimed at rebuilding her party’s standing with the nation’s voters. Pelosi’s pitch was straightforward: our economy is rigged against America’s workers and only Democrats can fix it.

‘Kerosene’ Maxine Waters: How Much Longer Will Her District Tolerate Her?

Larry Elder, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., has become President Donald Trump’s fiercest congressional critic. In eight years, Obama never had a Republican nemesis the likes of Waters, who recently said, “I’m taking the gloves off.” Seventeen years ago, I wrote Waters a letter. She never answered. It read, in part: Congresswoman Waters, Your power in

Sorry, Feminists, But The Truth is Sexist

John Hawkins, After Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord earlier this week, perhaps the dumbest hot take on it was from liberal feminist Amanda Marcotte, “Trump and his followers are excited by the idea that ruining the environment will make liberals, especially women, sad. That’s all this is.” Hate to “mansplain” here