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Dear Mr. President

Derek Hunter, Dear Mr. President, It’s been a while since I’ve written. But I feel like maybe there are some things the people around you aren’t telling you, so I thought I’d put them down here in the hope you’d read them. First, the media is freaking out over your tweets about Joe and Mika.

Trump says new FBI director ‘possible’ by Friday, candidates ‘vetted over their lifetime’

President Trump said Saturday that he could name a new FBI director by next week, as four or more candidates are being interviewed at Justice Department headquarters in Washington, D.C. “I think the process is going to move quickly,” Trump said while aboard Air Force One to give a college commencement speech. “Almost all of

Hillary, ‘Who Would You Rather Have A Beer With’ Is Still An Exact Science

Joseph Bilello, The Black vote, the Latino vote, the white working class, college-educated women, the middle class, fly-over country, the economy, illegal immigration, the threat of radical Islamic terror, income taxes, education and so on and so on. Politicians, pollsters, pundits and campaign operatives spend countless sleepless nights trying to get their fingers on the