Savage Disses Breitbart News, Bannon

Robert Kraychik,

“Breitbart News is now running America,” declared Michael Savage on his Friday radio show.

Seemingly fueling a feud with Breitbart News, Savage described Stephen K. Bannon – the news outlet’s former chairman – as “jealous” and an “enemy:”

“Breitbart’s never been a fan of Michael Savage. Breitbart’s run by Steve Bannon, who is inside the White House. Steve Bannon has always been jealous of Michael Savage. Steve Bannon tried a radio show that failed on Sirius XM. So let’s get things in order, that’s number one. Nobody on Breitbart likes me because I’m a competitor of theirs and I’m far more talented than any one of those people who tried radio, and that’s by the way with due respect to those who write great columns for them. Please don’t quote my enemy or my competitor and tell me that what they’re saying is the truth.”

Savage praised Breitbart News’s chief editor Alex Marlow while depicting him as subservient to Bannon’s implied agenda of hostility towards him:

savage_small Savage Disses Breitbart News, Bannon Politics

“I love Alex Marlow, I love him. Who pays Alex Marlow? Who pays Alex Marlow’s bills?

Did [Bannon] disconnect from Breitbart? Did [Bannon] break all ties with Breitbart?

I don’t want any news organization running America. All journalism is biased. All websites are biased. All of them are tabloid websites. I don’t want any tabloid website running the country.”

Listen to the audio below.