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The AHCA Died Because Some Republicans Still Have Values and Spines

Frank Camp, With the news that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) was pulled Friday, and President Trump showing signs that he’s ready to throw down some blame, and retreat to 1600 Penn, it would be easy to feel defeated. However, there’s a silver lining. Yes, House Republicans failed to begin the process of repealing the

The Freedom Caucus’s Admirable Stand Against a Bad Healthcare Bill

Andrew Quinlan, Republicans largely owe their current electoral dominance to the failed promises of Obamacare. President Obama promised lower costs and better access to care from his signature initiative, but the massive federal boondoggle that Democrats rammed through Congress provided exactly the opposite. Despite last-minute improvement to their bill, Republicans appear poised to repeat his

Small Biz Rooting for Trump, Ryan on Obamacare Replacement

Randy Bradley, owner of Burger Kings in Iowa and Missouri for the past 27 years, said he is rooting for the House Republicans proposal to replace Obamacare, especially the Trump-endorsed American Health Care Act’s (AHCA) plan to eliminate Obamacare’s employee mandate provision. According to Bradley, who employs more than 80 people, Obamacare’s employee mandate –

More Conservative Than Thou

Mona Charen, In our ideologically scrambled age, it’s getting very hard to tell who’s who. Political conservatives have been opposed to “socialized” medicine pretty much forever. Republicans who agreed with this philosophically paid a heavy political price as Democrats rolled out the “Mediscare” tactic every election season. But how are we to make sense of