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Senate confirms Trump’s pick for national intelligence chief

The Senate has confirmed President Donald Trump’s choice for national intelligence director. Senators voted 85-12 Wednesday to approve the nomination of former Indiana Sen. Dan Coats, making him the fifth person to hold the post created after the Sept. 11 attacks. Coats replaces James Clapper, who retired at the end of the Obama administration. As the Trump

Spicer says Sessions was ‘100 percent straight’ on Russia meetings

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave full backing to Attorney General Jeff Sessions Thursday amid criticism over the former senator’s newly revealed conversations with the Russian ambassador, telling Fox News he was “100 percent straight” about his actions.  Several Democrats are seeking Sessions’ resignation, claiming he misled Congress by testifying in his confirmation hearing

White House defends Sessions as Dems seek resignation over Russia revelation

The White House is standing by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the face of mounting Democratic calls for his resignation – after reports showed he spoke with the Russian ambassador, despite testimony that he did not have “communications” with Moscow. A White House official, in a statement, described Democrats’ demands as a “partisan” attack, suggesting

Military branches drafting expansion plans as Trump vows to rebuild ‘depleted’ force

From the Air Force to the Army, America’s military service branches are busy preparing ambitious proposals to expand, as President Trump renews his pledge to rebuild a fighting force he says has become “depleted.”  “Our country will never have had a military like the military we’re about to build and rebuild,” Trump said at last

Russian Bank Docs Show How Putin Laundered Money to Hillary & Podesta

Jerome R. Corsi | Infowars Now we know why Clinton & co. were so desperate to frame Trump with ties to Putin. Today Infowars investigative journalist Jerome Corsi met with former vice-head of Armed Services Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee, Curt Welden, to discuss his committee’s deep research into the Clinton technology transfers to Russia

U.S. senators consider sanctions against Iran for missile development

U.S. Republican senators plan to introduce legislation to impose further sanction on Iran, accusing it of violating U.N. Security Council resolutions by testing ballistic missiles and acting to “destabilize” the Middle East, a U.S. senator said Sunday. “I think it is now time for the Congress to take Iran on directly in terms of what

Military brass sound alarm about ‘insidious decline’ in readiness

Andrew O’Reilly, For decades, the F/A-18 Hornet has been the Navy’s front-line combat jet – taking off from aircraft carriers around the globe to enforce no-fly zones, carry out strikes and even engage in the occasional dogfight. But the Navy’s ability to use these planes is now greatly hindered as more than 60 percent of

House Armed Services Chairman: Here’s how we will make America’s military great again

Mac Thornberry, President Trump inherits an increasingly dangerous world and a military that has been severely damaged in recent years.  Funding national security, which used to be a bipartisan priority, has become part of the political gamesmanship that so frustrates the American people.  Now the new president and the new Congress have a pivotal opportunity