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Malfunction in a stress-coping mechanism in the brain may be at the root of Parkinson’s

A malfunction in a stress-coping mechanism in the brain may be at the root of Parkinson’s disease, new research on the ailment suggests. According to the research team, the genetic mutations associated with Parkinson’s disease act as a roadblock for brain transmissions responsible for coping with stress. The study’s authors say this new discovery can

Taking page from Trump? UK building ‘big new wall’ to stop illegal immigrants

In what could be a “told you so” moment for Donald Trump, the U.K. on Tuesday announced plans to build a “big new wall” at a border port in France to prevent migrants in nearby camps from sneaking aboard vehicles heading to Britain. Robert Goodwill, minister of state for immigration, announced the plan for a

Terror in Nice, France: This is war. It’s aimed at the West. And we must fight back

James Jay Carafano, If ever there were a phrase that ought to be forgotten, it’s the old trope: “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” Scores of innocent deaths in Nice, France, remind us that terrorists are evil. Many nations have suffered from “weapons of mass disruption” — attacks meant not just to produce

Belgian Minister Says Many Muslims ˜Danced’ After Attacks

Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon (pictured) said Saturday that a “significant” part of the Muslim population celebrated attacks, blaming the country’s policies for failing to integrate migrants into society. He did not explicitly refer to last month’s jihadist attacks on Brussels’ airport and metro system that killed 32 people “A significant section of the Muslim

401 kilos of cocaine found on Cuban ship; Diaz-Balart: Castro regime ‘caught red-handed’

Panamanian authorities seized 401 kilos, about 882 pounds, of cocaine on a ship headed to Belgium from Cuba on Thursday. The cocaine was found camouflaged among tanks of cane-sugar syrup, according to the country’s National Police (PN), part of operation Caña Brava. The PN did not elaborate further on the raid. Despite the lack of

Paris attacks suspect Abrini arrested: Belgian media

Mohamed Abrini, wanted over November’s Islamic State attacks in Paris, has been arrested in Brussels, Belgium’s public broadcasters said on Friday, adding that he was probably involved in last month’s Brussels bombings. Public prosecutors confirmed in a brief statement only that police had made several arrests related to the Brussels attacks. Abrini, a 31-year-old Belgian,

˜Stay Away From Antwerp’: Syrian Warns Mother of ANOTHER Attack on Belgium

Paul Joseph Watson, Main shopping street, cinemas potential targets. Police in Belgium are on high alert after a man called his mother from Syria warning her to stay away from the city of Antwerp because another major terrorist attack may be imminent. The son urged his mother not to visit crowded places in the city,

Ted Cruz demeaning Trump may go a long way toward creating a Clinton Presidency

The United States is facing the most important election since its founding. Will a leftist President hell bent on fulfilling the Obama Doctrine of depleting our liberties be elected? Or, will we elect a President determined to return the USA to its rightful leadership position in a troubled world? America is a powder keg of

ISIS reportedly hijacks university’s chem lab for explosive experiments

The Islamic State terror group has been making use of a chemistry lab in Iraq’s University of Mosul — which it seized nearly two years ago — to test and build deadlier bombs, military officials and other sources told The Wall Street Journal Friday. The report comes as analysts warn that ISIS soon could get its hands