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The Tyranny of Non-Thought

Bill Murchison, The sullen self-righteousness of the progressive left (i.e., “We’re right, and the rest of you can go to the hot place!”) glows on college campuses everywhere but also in big cities — such as my beloved New Orleans, come to think of it: a locality embroiled in useless controversy over the removal of

Socialist Venezuela to Solve Bread Shortage by Banning Brownies

Daniel Greenfield, Fellow Socialist Bernie Sanders would approve. As Bernie said, You don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants when children are hungry in this country.”  Real Socialists don’t use deodorant. That’s what blood and children’s tears are for. In Venezuela, the Socialist experiment is going brilliantly. Everything is being nationalized.  Venezuelan bakeries

Brazile admits she forwarded debate questions to Clinton camp

Former interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile admitted Friday that she forwarded Democratic primary debate questions to members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign – something she had previously denied. In an essay for Time published Friday, called “Russian DNC Narrative Played Out Exactly As They Hoped,” the Democratic strategist said she had in fact passed on topics,

Socialist Traitor Sanders Who Honeymooned in Russia Wants Investigation of Sessions

Daniel Greenfield, Socialist traitor Bernie Sanders who honeymooned in Russia and has a history of supporting this country’s enemies, wants an investigation of Attorney General Sessions’ Russian contacts “We need a Justice Department that will give us the facts about Russia’s ties to the Trump campaign. Jeff Sessions should resign,” the Socialist traitor tweeted. Let’s

Anti-Israel Bernie Sanders, Defends Jesse Jackson’s Anti-Semitism, Accuses Trump of It

Daniel Greenfield, While Bernie Sanders is of Jewish ancestry, he lost the Jewish vote because of his rabid hatred for the Jewish state (he at one point falsely accused Israel of killing 10,000 people) and his association with anti-Semites. Even though Jews were disgusted by Jesse Jackson’s anti-Semitic slurs, Bernie Sanders backed his presidential campaign.