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Apple Planning to Expand U.S. Manufacturing in Arizona

Ben Kew, Following Donald Trump’s election in November, Apple is now seeking to expand their U.S. operations with new “high-tech manufacturing” in Arizona, according to Business Insider. In the report, Apple requested permission conduct a new wave of “high-tech manufacturing” at a factory in Mesa, Arizona, as well as approval from the Foreign-Trade Zones Board to

Someone is trying to take down the Drudge Report

Business Insider, It’s a mystery who’s behind it. The Drudge Report, the highly trafficked conservative news website, has been knocked offline for extended periods of time over the course of the last two weeks, succumbing to large distributed denial of service attacks, according to its founder, Matt Drudge. And it’s a mystery who’s behind it

WikiLeaks Assange to Media: You are ‘increasingly not very important’ #SpeakFreely

Business Insider, “The old press is less important.” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday blasted US media outlets, contending in an interview that the power possessed by journalists had greatly diminished in recent years. “They’re increasingly not very important,” Assange said in a radio interview with Sean Hannity. The Fox News host agreed: “So true.” Assange

Brazile’s Ethical Breach: Why won’t CNN disclose its internal investigation?

Howard Kurtz,  When CNN dropped Donna Brazile for leaking a town hall question to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the network said nothing publicly. Only when a second instance emerged from hacked emails obtained by Wikileaks did CNN announce what it called Brazile’s resignation—in a terse statement. When critics urged CNN President Jeff Zucker to launch an

The Total Amount Of Debt In The World Just Hit A Record 152,000,000,000,000 (152 Trillion)

Michael Snyder, If anyone ever asks you how much debt there is in the world, now you will know the answer.  According to the IMF, the total amount of debt around the globe has now hit a staggering 152 trillion dollars.  That is an amount of money that is almost unimaginable, and the IMF says

The U.S. Economy: Bad Moon Rising

Authored by Danielle DiMartino Booth, April 1969 saw the release of what would soon become Credence Clearwater Revival’s second gold single. Bad Moon Rising’s popularity quickly secured it a permanent spot in rock history. But it was also headed somewhere else, if not everywhere else, to places the young rockers never saw coming. In hindsight,


“Trump Going For A World Stage Moment In Mexico.” – Kelly O’Donnell, NBC News Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren: “[Hillary Clinton] Should Have Agreed To Meet W/ Pres Of Mexico Now-Political Gift To Trump That She Did Not.” (, 8/31/16) Washington Examiner Headline: “Mexico Gamble A Huge Win For Trump” (Washington Examiner, 8/31/16) Cook Political

Peter Thiel prompts wild applause at GOP convention: ˜I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be Republican’

Business Insider, Tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel ignited a thunderous applause on Thursday night when he became the first openly gay man to address the Republican National Convention and tout his sexuality onstage. “I am proud to be gay,” Thiel declared. “I am proud to be Republican. But most of all, I am proud to be an

The Illuminati Were Amateurs ” The Facts Show These Five Families Rule the World

Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish As you begin to understand world governments don’t have your best interests in mind — that enemies of the State could more aptly be called enemies of the globe’s corporate and banking elite — power comes sharply into focus. Those who actually hold the power control the world’s

Donald Trump is About to Have Another Big Week #AmericaFirst

Business Insider Donald Trump secured a massive victory during this week’s New York primary, picking up almost all of the delegates up for grabs. But come Tuesday, Trump is going to have his sights set on an even bigger prize. And it will be one that should be easily attainable. On that day, 118 bound

The Story Behind The Most Insidious Rothschild Dynasty Conspiracy Theory

Business Insider – by Lucas Kawa Hailed as the pioneers of modern finance, the Rothschilds have amassed an incredible fortune that has lasted for centuries. The family’s vast wealth and secrecy have also made it a target of countless conspiracy theories. If you believe everything you read, the Rothschilds have facilitated the assassination of multiple