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Chelsea Clinton’s Cheerleading Cult

Michelle Malkin, How thirsty does Variety look begging readers to join it in doing high V cheerleading moves for Chelsea Clinton? Thirstier than an ultra-marathoner lost in Death Valley in mid-July. Hyping the entertainment magazine’s latest cover, Co-Editor-in-Chief Claudia Eller gushed this week, “How cool does Chelsea Clinton look on our Power of Women, NY,

Who Is Going To Save The Democrat Party? Chelsea!

Kurt Schlichter, Can you feel the pulse-pounding sense of excitement that’s sweeping the nation in the wake of the sudden rise to media prominence of superwoke everywoman Chelsea Clinton? I sure can, but then I’m a conservative Republican. I totally support the Democrats making Chelsea the face of their party. Please, please, please make her

Juanita Broaddrick To Chelsea Clinton: Your Father Is ‘Horrifying, Sick And Awful’

Kaitlan Collins | Daily Caller, Broaddrick later claimed that Clinton deleted her tweet. Juanita Broaddrick told Chelsea Clinton that her father is “horrifying, sick and awful.” “I need a thesaurus,” Clinton tweeted this week with a link to a story about an illegal immigrant who was detained while trying to obtain a protective order against

Top Bill Clinton aide criticized ex-president for conflicts of interest, emails show

Bill Clinton’s most-trusted confidant complained the former president had several conflicts of interest regarding his controversial namesake foundation, according to purported emails released this month by WikiLeaks. The emails, stolen by hackers from Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account, come from a particularly rocky period internally for the Clinton Foundation during late 2011

Bill And Chelsea Clinton’s ‘Office Crap’ Made Foundation Chief Operating Officer Suicidal

Matt Vespa,  In an email exchange from the latest dump by Wikileaks, shows some tension between the Clinton clan and their foundation, specifically in 2011—when MF Global, formerly headed by Jon Corzine, was filing for bankruptcy. Doug Band, a former Clinton Foundation executive, is also a co-founder of the investment group Teneo, which was linked

Firm that hired Abedin called Chelsea Clinton a ‘spoiled brat kid’

Emails published by WikiLeaks on Monday show Chelsea Clinton was worried about a consulting firm that was founded by former aides to Bill and Hillary Clinton as she clashed with fellow employees of the Clinton Foundation. Teneo Strategies, founded by Doug Band and Declan Kelly, has drawn scrutiny for its decision to employ longtime Clinton

Cosmo interviewer savages Ivanka Trump, softballs Chelsea Clinton

When women’s mag Cosmopolitan met with Chelsea Clinton in February, they gave her the kid-glove treatment, asking whether she’d live in the White House if her mother wins and whether she had “fun moments” to share. But when the same interviewer sat down this week with Ivanka Trump, those gloves came off.  Prachi Gupta, senior

Emails suggest Clinton aide stage-managed Benghazi hearing questions

Newly released emails suggest a senior Hillary Clinton aide stage-managed her first hearing on the Benghazi terrorist attack by feeding specific topics Clinton wanted to address to Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez, who at the time was acting chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. “We wired it that Menendez would provide an opportunity to address two


Hillary Clinton Admits White House Policies Will Be Sold To The Highest Bidder If She’s Elected “The fact Hillary Clinton believes it is appropriate for her husband to remain on the board of the Clinton Foundation if she is elected is proof that she operates in a permanent ethical blind spot and lacks the judgment

Ivanka Trump says she ‘clearly’ disagrees with Obama calling her father ‘unfit’ to be president

Ivanka Trump responded Tuesday night to comments made earlier in the day by President Obama calling her father “unfit to serve” and “woefully unprepared to do this job” in an “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren” exclusive interview, saying that he understands “how to put this country to work.” “I clearly disagree,” Trump said

How Ivanka, Chelsea’s introduction speeches stack up

Thursday night Chelsea Clinton introduced her mom to accept the Democratic nomination for president it’s a role similar to what her friend Ivanka Trump played last week for her father. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may have spent the last two weeks of conventions highlighting their differences, but their daughters actually have a lot in

Hillary On Using Executive Orders to Take Guns: œAmen

Paul Joseph Watson, Supporter urges Clinton to take on “the sons and daughters of Charlton Heston” Hillary Clinton plans to use executive orders to chip away at the gun rights of American citizens. During an event in Philadelphia, a Hillary-supporting gun control advocate rose to urge Clinton to take on “the sons and daughters” of