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Media Involved in Cover-Up of ‘Uranium One’ Story

Margaret Menge, Lifezette News blackout of bombshell story tying Clinton Foundation to the sale of U.S. supply to the Russians, MRC study shows. Former President Bill Clinton was paid the exorbitant sum of $500,000 for a single speech he gave in Moscow shortly before a Russian government-controlled company successfully acquired a Canadian company that controls

There is a Russian Scandal. But It’s Hillary’s Scandal.

Wayne Allyn Root, The entire “Trump Russian scandal” narrative is complete utter nonsense. Democrats are so desperate to stop Trump, they’re clinging to a Saturday Night Live comedy skit- with the full cooperation of their liberal lackeys in the mainstream media. They’ve just made a YUGE mistake. And it’s all going to blow up in their face. There

Trump vs. Clintons’ Russia ties (guess who always got a free pass)

Peter Schweizer, Many of those sounding the loudest alarm bells over Russian influence in U.S. politics were curiously silent when far greater concerns were raised about the Clintons.   Investigating the business ties between Russia and those in President Donald Trump’s orbit is a legitimate exercise. One-time Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was an advisor

Russian Bank Docs Show How Putin Laundered Money to Hillary & Podesta

Jerome R. Corsi | Infowars Now we know why Clinton & co. were so desperate to frame Trump with ties to Putin. Today Infowars investigative journalist Jerome Corsi met with former vice-head of Armed Services Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee, Curt Welden, to discuss his committee’s deep research into the Clinton technology transfers to Russia

Clintons Cut Ties To Haiti Day Before Child Trafficking Bust

Trump has given the green light to go after globalist child molesters. Infowars reporter Millie Weaver, Exposes a recent child trafficking bust which, once again, point towards the nefarious operations of the Clinton Foundation in Haiti. Just this weekend, and a little over one day prior to a major child trafficking bust in Haiti, the

Exposed: Insider Coup to Sabotage Trump

Jerome Corsi | Infowars, Coup designed to protect Clintons. NEW YORK – Acclaimed Haitian-rights activist Ézili Dantò, who endorsed Donald Trump for president in 2016, has alerted of an attempt to sabotage from within Trump’s campaign pledge to be the “champion” of repairing damage Haitian activists claim the Clintons have done. The Clintons were reportedly stealing possibly

The Crooked Clintons at the Inaugural is Like Seeing a Black Cat Before an Exam

John P. Warren,  Tomorrow, sometime before noon, Bill and Hillary Clinton will make their entrance onto the inaugural stage, where they will be seated with former presidents, President Obama, SCOTUS members, and a gaggle of other distinguished citizens who are not under investigation by the FBI or anybody else. What will the Clintons be thinking?

Clinton Global Initiative to lay off employees, shut down amid dwindling donations

The Clintons are moving ahead with plans to downsize their controversial foundation’s network of offshoots, a decision carried out as the powerful family’s political influence wanes and its once-lengthy donor list shrinks. In a decision announced last week, 22 additional employees are being laid off from the Clinton Global Initiative – known for its annual

Clinton Foundation Shuts Down Global Initiative Program After Allegations of Corruption

Michael Qazvini, The Clinton Foundation is in shambles. Nearly two months after Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss to real estate mogul Donald Trump, the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton family’s so-called philanthropic organization (or personal piggy bank, depending on whom you ask) is shutting down its primary networking platform called the Clinton Global Initiative, or CGI. The Observer

Democrats hound Trump over closure of foundation

Democrats are hounding President-elect Donald Trump over his decision to dissolve his charitable foundation, blasting the group as a “slush fund” and demanding he take additional steps to avoid conflicts of interest. The incoming president announced Saturday that he’s directed his counsel to complete the closure. Trump said in a statement: “I am very proud

The 11 Worst Fact-Checks By Facebook’s New Fact-Checkers

Aaron Bandler, Daily Wire Facebook has decided to clamp down on the supposed epidemic of fake news by appointing an assortment of “fact-checkers” to vet their news feed. The problem is that these fact-checkers — PolitiFact,, Snopes, Associated Press and ABC News — are all slanted to the left and have a bad habit of

Clinton Connected To Norway Pedophile Ring #PizzaGate

Jay Greenberg, Hillary Clinton has now been implicated in the recent pedophile ring bust in Norway, said to be the largest child sex abuse case in history, after new evidence has emerged that connects the Clinton Foundation to the case that involves elected officials, politicians, lawyers, doctors and teachers. Norwegian Clinton Foundation donors have now withdrawn their