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Hannity: ‘What We’re Seeing Now Is Beyond Media Malpractice’

As seen on Hannity, Sean Hannity says the media is so blinded by their “Trump derangement syndrome” that they can never cover President Trump fairly or tell the truth, and that’s extremely dangerous for the country. “What we’re seeing now is beyond media malpractice,” Hannity said. “They’re doing a tremendous disservice to you, the American

Noam Chomsky Calls Democrats’ Obsession With Russia Conspiracy Theories “A Joke”

Michael Krieger |,  ‘It’s a pretty remarkable fact that—first of all, it is a joke’ During a recent interview with Democracy Now, Noam Chomsky demonstrated what everyone with a clear head and capacity for critical thought should already know. Just because you have a strong dislike for Donald Trump, doesn’t mean you latch on

Here are 23 ways Trump should follow up his wiretap claims

Michael Goodwin, President Trump is facing calls to retract and apologize for his sensational claim that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower last year. The chances of that happening are approximately zero, but Trump can meet his critics partway. Here’s what he should say: “My words were imprecise when I expressed concern that President Obama engaged in illegal surveillance.

We’re within two years of creating synthetic life. Are you frightened yet?

Jazz Shaw, The title probably sounds like something out of a disappointing Hollywood science-fiction plot, but in this case truth is truly stranger than fiction. Right up front we should point out that we’re not talking about cooking up super soldiers in a test tube… yet, but the implications could be staggering. Scientists are currently

Most Heroin Use In The U.S. Stems From Mexican Drug Cartels

Aaron Bandler, A new report from the State Department shows that the overwhelming majority of heroin consumption can be traced to Mexican drug cartels. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the report stated that 90-94 percent of the heroin consumed is from Mexico. One of the main reasons for this is because the drug cartels

US Navy plane, Chinese jet have ‘unsafe’ encounter over South China Sea

A U.S. Navy patrol plane and a Chinese jet had an “usafe” encounter over the South China Sea earlier this week, the U.S. Pacific Command said Friday. The “interaction” between the U.S. Navy P-3C plane and a Chinese KJ-200 took place on Wednesday in international airspace over the waters, Robert Shuford, a spokesman from the

Trump’s ATF Wants to Slash Gun Regs, Defend Second Amendment

Kit Daniels | Infowars, ATF backing off gun control. The ATF wants to cut gun regulations and find ways to “defend the Second Amendment” under President Trump. The number two official at the ATF, Ronald B. Turk, submitted a report calling for the deregulation of gun silencers and a lifting of a import ban on