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Sessions laid down the law on immigration, A list of cities who aren’t working with ICE

Matt Vespa, As Katie wrote earlier this week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a surprise appearance at Monday afternoon’s White House press briefing—where he said that sanctuary cities must obey federal immigration laws or face having their stream of federal dollars cut off [emphasis mine]: Some states and cities have adopted policies designed to frustrate the

Foreign-Born Rockville Rape Suspect Could Gain Legal Status if Acquitted

Katie McHugh, The 17-year-old El Salvadoran suspect arrested after allegedly attacking a 14-year-old Rockville High School freshman in a boys’ bathroom could gain legal U.S. status if he beats the rape and sex offense charges, his attorney said. If Montano is acquitted, he “will have a chance to obtain legal residency,” his lawyer David Wooten

Father of Maryland high school rape suspect arrested by ICE

JESSUP, Md. –  The father of an 18-year-old Rockville High School student charged with the rape of a fellow classmate has been arrested for being in the country illegally, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE spokesperson Sarah Rodriguez said 43-year-old Adolfo Sanchez-Reyes was arrested last Friday “after a review of his immigration

Jeff Sessions: Sanctuary Cities Protect Child Rapists and Murderers

Michelle Moons, WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made an appearance at Monday’s White House press briefing to warn sanctuary jurisdictions in the country that they could lose their portion of $4.1 billion in grants from the Department of Justice if they continue to protect murderers, child rapists, and drug traffickers illegally present

Immigration: As LA rebuffs Trump’s order, others embrace it

Los Angeles went a step further than the rest of the country Tuesday in shielding illegal immigrants from immigration officials: It passed a directive forbidding firefighters and airport police from cooperating with federal immigration agents. The directive was yet another attempt by the city to rebuff the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown. The Los Angeles Police

Trump administration reversal on private prison use faces pitfalls

The Trump administration’s plan to reconsider privately run prisons faces a web of complications amid litigation and allegations the industry cuts corners at the expense of security.  Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama-era memo directing the Bureau of Prisons to start phasing out the use of private prisons.  Supporters maintain the private

Illegal border crossings decrease by 40 percent in Trump’s first month

The number of people illegally crossing the U.S. southern border has dropped 40 percent in President Trump’s first full month in office, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Wednesday. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reported that the number of illegal border crossings dropped from 31,578 to 18,762 persons. Kelly said border agents usually see a

Oregon judge faces scrutiny for allegedly helping illegal immigrant escape ICE

An Oregon judge is being investigated after she allegedly helped an illegal immigrant elude ICE agents in January by guiding the man through a private entrance at the courthouse. Multnomah County Judge Monica Heeranz was notified by court staff that ICE agents were waiting outside her courtroom to possibly apprehend Diddier Pacheco Salazar, a 22-year-old

Churches Offering Hideouts, Creating ‘Underground’ Networks For Illegal Immigrants

Michael Qazvini, A handful of churches in liberal urban cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, are offering to hide illegal immigrants if the Trump administration intensifies its efforts to enforce federal immigration law. In a report posted by left-wing BuzzFeed News, outspoken men and women of the clergy openly admit that they will provide

The Real American Majority

Joseph Klein, Clear majority of Americans support President Trump’s policies against sanctuary cities. Americans overwhelmingly approve of President Trump’s efforts to clamp down on so-called sanctuary cities, according to the results of a Harvard–Harris poll. The Hillreported the poll’s finding that “80 percent of voters say local authorities should have to comply with the law by reporting

How illegal immigrant advocates demonize Trump and terrify people

Liz Peek, The New York Times describes 11 million people – those who are living in the country illegally – as sleepless with anxiety, waiting for the “fists pounding on the door, the agents in black, the van ride, the cell.” Who has thrown such fear into this community? How about the Left, aided and abetted