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Chaffetz subpoenas ATF agents who skipped hearing on death of ICE officer

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz issued subpoenas Thursday to two ATF agents after they failed to show at a hearing examining the 2011 murder of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent Jaime Zapata. “I’m tired of hearing from just [Justice Department] management, I want to hear from the people that actually are on the

Chaffetz asks Justice Dept. IG to probe Flynn leaks

Samuel Chamberlain, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz told Fox News’ “The First 100 Days” Wednesday night that he would ask the Justice Department’s inspector general to investigate leaks of classified information that led to the resignation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The Utah Republican told host Martha MacCallum that “no matter

Inspector general to review DOJ, FBI handling of Clinton case

The Department of Justice inspector general announced a sweeping review Thursday of Justice Department and FBI actions leading up to the November election – in response to criticism from both sides of the aisle over how the agencies handled the Hillary Clinton email scandal.  The decision breathes new life into a controversy that had been

Stocks, oil, gold start 2017 on firm footing, dollar resumes climb

Global markets marched confidently into 2017 on Tuesday, with Asian stocks extending gains after European shares surged to their highest in a year and the dollar resuming its climb after last week’s stumble. Oil, gold and base metal prices also advanced, as signs of solid factory growth in China and Europe gave the global manufacturing

Assembling Trump’s White House

Robert Charles, Vital to organizing any White House is distilling people with loyalty, talent, mission-focus, and connectivity to problems that need real solutions. The Trump team has a tougher job than most. Objectively, they are leaning into tougher problems than the Nation has faced in decades, making top picks harder – and more important. From

White House agency getting worse at cyber-defense

The White House Office of Personnel Management, two years ago the focus of the worst cybersecurity intelligence breach in U.S. history, is actually regressing in its efforts to provide adequate defenses against further cyber-intrusions, according to a new report by the agency’s own Inspector General. The report is depressing news for an agency that has

Our Government is Out of Control and It Needs to Be Fixed

Bruce Bialosky, Ever since President Kennedy approved legalization of federal unions and then followed with the massive expansion of the federal government (which has occurred under both Republicans and Democrats), our government has become ever more invasive.  If we elect Hillary Clinton she will make things worse. Here is the story of why we need

Housebound vets denied millions in benefits by VA

The Department of Veterans Affairs has shortchanged thousands of disabled veterans who can’t leave home without assistance roughly $110 million. The VA’s Office of Inspector General issued the finding after conducting a review of the VA’s housebound benefits program, Stars & Stripes reports. The IG found that payment errors affected the benefits of 33,400 veterans

Unfit Hillary Lost $6 billion, Didn’t Oversee Security, Ignored Disposition of Funds

S. Noble,  Remember when Hillary’s State Department lost $6 billion dollars under her leadership? It seems like a good time to remind people that she didn’t oversee anything. As we know from Benghazi, she just had aides rubber stamp papers that came to her attention. The Washington Free Beacon reported in April on the findings by

Clinton’s Rigging Brigade at the State Department

Ashley Pratte, Officials circling the wagon to protect Hillary tenure from transparency. After a less-than-desirable watchdog report, the State Department is doing everything in its power to protect Hillary Clinton from further damaging email releases. The recently released report from the State Department Inspector General showed that Clinton violated the Federal Records Act and put

IG report ups pressure on DOJ to seek criminal charges against Clinton

The recently released State Department inspector general report, which found Hillary Clinton broke government rules with her personal email use, increases “the likelihood and pressure” for the Justice Department to pursue criminal charges, an intelligence source familiar with the FBI investigation told Fox News. “It is very harmful to her and increases the likelihood and