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Ken Blackwell: Let the Market Fix Health Care

Republicans agree that Obamacare has failed and must be repealed. But they can’t agree on the replacement “plan.” The one thing they shouldn’t do is devise another grand scheme like the Obama “plan.” The answer is not a new and better big government “plan.” Instead, the president and Congress should take specific actions to free

Trump, The FTC and Unleashing The U.S. Economy

Ken Blackwell, After a stunning win in a change election, President Trump is off to a fast start implementing major change. The President and his administration are moving aggressively to implement pro-growth policies that will boost our economy after years of a sluggish recovery. An essential part of unleashing the economy is putting in place

Ken Blackwell: Donald Trump Won the Respect Vote

Donald Trump isn’t the first Republican president denounced as “illegitimate.” The Left spent eight years refusing to get over George W. Bush’s victory in 2000. It was the same issue. He won the election by the rules, but Al Gore had more “popular” votes. That happened again on November 8. But nothing about the election

Ken Blackwell: Confirm Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

Ken Blackwell, Contrary to the expectations of many people, President-elect Donald Trump has been filling his cabinet with serious, no-nonsense conservatives. The Left will confront appointees who would make Ronald Reagan proud. None may be more important than Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Commitment to the rule of law always has set America apart from

Ken Blackwell: Stopping America’s Drug Epidemic

Ken Blackwell, This 2016 presidential race was a hard fought campaign. President-elect Donald J. Trump campaigned on a bold and conservative platform of making our cities safe again. After decades of neglect, urban communities across America are in desperate need of repair. With so many partisan political issues, there remain a select few issues that

Ken Blackwell: Election Integrity Matters

President-elect Donald Trump blamed his loss of the popular vote on election fraud. While that’s not likely, it doesn’t matter. Vote fraud is a serious problem that can subvert elections. The Trump administration should put electoral integrity at the top of its agenda. What sets the U.S. apart from so many other nations is that

Ken Blackwell: Principles for Governing

Against the odds, and most pundits’ predictions, Donald Trump has been elected president. His opponents prematurely popped champagne corks. He’s now making appointments and setting policies. He’s not alone. The Republican Party dominates state government as well, holding most of the governorships and legislatures. In half the states the GOP holds a “trifecta,” both houses

Trump election raises big questions for ObamaCare, immigration, Supreme Court

President-elect Donald Trump hasn’t minced words about what legacy legislation would be on the chopping block from President Obama’s administration. From the start, Trump has vowed to repeal ObamaCare within his first 100 days in office. His upset victory early Wednesday immediately raises thorny questions about what’s next for a range of hot-button issues –

Ken Blackwell: Hillary Is a Cheater

Not too long ago, Democrats were the ones claiming elections were stolen. While serving as Ohio Secretary of State, I saw wild accusations and ridiculous lawsuits from Democrats and left-wing advocacy groups in an attempt to delegitimize election results. The conspiracy theories of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the late Gore Vidal, and liberal blogs grew

Save The Children, Vote Pro-Life: There’s No Middle Ground!

Ken Blackwell, On November 8th, we will choose from two of the least popular presidential candidates in history — our nation is more polarized than ever and there will be major repercussions regardless of who wins. Over the past year, we’ve seen political discourse turn into a political war. We’ve watched crises unfold within our communities

Ken Blackwell: If Ben Franklin Could Vote

You’ve got to hand it to Pennsylvania voters. They must be among the most patriotic Americans. After all, as the redoubtable Robert Knight recently revealed, hundreds of voters over 100 have been casting ballots, apparently for years. One was reportedly born on August 7, 1853, making him a very young 163. He voted in both