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Proof Obama Wanted to ‘Choke’ Every Business Owner in America

Wayne Allyn Root, I mentioned in a recent column that the news was filled with stories about the protest-turned-riot in Charlottesville, the KKK, Neo Nazis, white supremists and let’s not forget Confederate statues.  These are all WMD’s- Weapons of Mass Distraction. They don’t affect the average American’s life on a daily basis.   What matters are

LEGAL STRATEGY ‘RED FLAG’? Four central Clinton probe figures using same lawyer

Four central figures in the FBI’s criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email practices are all using the same lawyer, a move described as a “red flag” by a former U.S. attorney who now runs a government watchdog group.  Lawyer Beth Wilkinson is representing: Clinton former chief of staff Cheryl Mills; policy adviser Jake Sullivan; media

Supreme Court rejects conservative challenge in voting rights case

The Supreme Court on Monday unanimously upheld the method all states use to draw their legislative districts, rejecting a conservative challenge that could have given more clout to white, rural voters. The eight justices rebuffed a case spearheaded by a conservative legal activist brought against the state of Texas over the manner in which it


By Eliana Benador At the last press conference of the year, Barack Hussein Obama effortlessly presented his fantasy-filled rosy version of America’s current reality in 2013. Very little of the initial Obama domestic agenda has been achieved. Polls have been decreasingly gentle, actually showing ratings that are near historic lows, mirroring the Obama regime’s incompetence

Supporters Fear Facebook Marine Being ‘Disappeared’

Supporters of Brandon Raub – the man kidnapped by police and committed to a mental institution for his political posts on Facebook – fear the former Marine is being ‘disappeared’ by authorities after he was forcibly transferred to a psychiatric facility more than three hours away from his family and legal team. Raub, a former