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Trump Skipping White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Cortney O’Brien, The annual White House Correspondents Dinner is an evening for journalists to eat and enjoy one another’s company while being the butt of some lighthearted jokes. Presidents have taken the opportunity in years past to poke some fun at the media who cover the administration. With Donald Trump in the White House this year,

Stop and Frisk: The Inner City’s Best Friend

Charlotte Hays,  As a famous caterer once reminded me, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. It does no good to call the hostess the next morning and say, “Yes, Madame, there was too much salt in the bisque. Next time I’ll use less.” There is no next time. The goose

What Donald Trump knows about Hillary Clinton and her bodyguards

John R. Lott, Was Donald Trump inciting violence against Hillary Clinton when he spoke last Friday about disarming her bodyguards?  Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate, says so. The media was hysterical.  According to Martha Raddatz, host of ABC News’ “This Week”: “The message sounds a lot like a threat or encouraging violence.” 

Feeling The Heat, Establishment Ramps Up Attacks On Trump

Rachel Marsden, When the anti-aircraft fire intensifies, it’s usually a sign that you’re directly over the target. Various branches of the establishment — Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, the media — are now unleashing their arsenal on the Trump campaign. Two of the most media-friendly Wall Streeters, Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett, have been trotted

Mike Bloomberg Booed After Lashing Out At College œSafe Spaces

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Michael Bloomberg gave a not so popular commencement address at the University of Michigan over the weekend. The former champion of banning large sugary drinks wassurprisingly critical of college “safe spaces”, the new trend that’s sweeping the nation. When the topic of critical lessons learned throughout college came up,

Anti-Gun Democrat Says NRA Supporters Are œPure Trash

Democrats who support the anti-gun agenda of President Obama and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg seem to be unaware of the fact that nationwide support for more gun control is collapsing. Bloomberg thought that he could use millions of his own dollars to buy support for gun control, but his anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns,

Colonel Harry Riley: œAmerica, rise up or surrender

Lainie Sloane  California State Director Lainie Sloane started her political activism as a Teen Age Republican (TAR) when she was 14 years old, helping her local college (Purdue University) Young Republicans in door-to-door… More   When I was asked by one of the organizers of an upcoming event on May 16, to write an article, I

Facebook to Place Guns in Same Category as Porn

Bloomberg group to push gun control through Facebook, which is now restricting pro-gun free speech Through sweeping policy changes, Facebook is now treating gun-related content as pornography on its social media site, including restrictions on users under 18 from seeing firearm-related content and the forced indoctrination of gun control propaganda targeted at users interested in