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Americans Find Trump More Trustworthy Than Media

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars, MSM has a 14 point credibility gap. A new national poll finds that Americans see Donald Trump as being more trustworthy than the mainstream media. The survey, conducted by Emerson College Polling, found that the Trump administration is considered to be truthful by 49% of respondents compared to 48% who

“Hero” Gets Bounced Around Too Often

Donna Wiesner Keene, Summers while in college, I worked 80 hours a week trying to make President’s Club in sales. On my eighteenth birthday, I did it and rode my bike home on top of the world feeling like a hero — a feeling of elation the next forty years have never matched. The word

President Trump Should Dump the Media

Daniel Greenfield, Last week the media lost its mind over reports that press briefings might be moved from the White House back to the Eisenhower Office Building next door where President Eisenhower held the first ever televised press conference.  Media outlets issued panicked reports of being “evicted,” “kicked out” or “exiled” from the cramped theater that

MLK JR. A ‘REAL RADICAL’? BLM aims to rewrite civil rights leader’s legacy of peace

#ReclaimMLK The civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr. famously pursued equality through peaceful protest, but many 21st century activists have said they want to “reclaim” him under a different image: as a forceful “radical.” The Chicago branch of Black Lives Matter pushed the #ReclaimMLK hashtag on Twitter, claiming Martin Luther King Day would allow activists

49 Years After MLK, Christian Pastors Call For Arms: Guns & Prayer Are Necessary

Bethany Blankley, One genuine news story ignored by nearly all media this past Christmas was the slaughter of over 100 mostly Christian Nigerians– and– the razing of 50,000 homes, the destruction of thousands of acres of farmland, and the displacement of roughly 10,000 people in southern Kaduna, Nigeria. The pre-Christmas season atrocity was just one of

The Trump Tape and the Rise of Fake Outrage

Jack Kerwick, On October 7, Wikileaks released more hacked DNC emails. The latter confirm what many Republicans, Independents, and Democrats have long known: Hillary Clinton, who billionaires back 20-to-one over Donald Trump, is the Bankster’s candidate, the candidate of Wall Street. Between 2013 and 2015, Clinton raked in $20 million for speeches that she delivered

Hundreds of Skull and Bones Secret Society Docs Set to be Released

Adan Salazar, InfoWars  Information could be revealed as soon as July. Over 1,500 documents related to the secretive Yale fraternity Skull and Bones are set to be made public within the next few months under a Freedom of Information Act request. The trove of “letters, memos, a draft speech and other materials… are set for

MLK Would Be Embarrassed By BHO


By : Doug Patton I was fifteen in 1963, and I vaguely remember breaking my summer routine to notice that the largest crowd of Americans ever to congregate on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., had gathered to demand their civil rights. They were led by a 34-year-old black preacher from Georgia. Dr. Martin Luther