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Dear Mr. President

Derek Hunter, Dear Mr. President, It’s been a while since I’ve written. But I feel like maybe there are some things the people around you aren’t telling you, so I thought I’d put them down here in the hope you’d read them. First, the media is freaking out over your tweets about Joe and Mika.

How Is Backdoor Searching Different From Ordering Surveillance?

Frank Camp, Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and The Washington Examiner‘s Timothy Carney got into a debate with the hosts over the Susan Rice scandal. During the course of the discussion, they made several salient observations in an attempt to untangle President Trump’s unsubstantiated tweet alleging wiretapping, and the Susan

Evelyn Farkas’s Six Revelations about Obama, Trump, and the Deep State

Jack Kerwick, Unsurprisingly, President Donald J. Trump was correct. Though he originally spoke, or tweeted, clumsily, the gist of his claim was correct: The administration of his predecessor, Barack H. Obama, had indeed been surveilling Trump and those close to his campaign. As I showed in a previous article, The New York Times, Slate, Mother

Sen. Chris Murphy Wants ‘No Screening’ for Immigrants, More Gun Control

AWR Hawkins, During a January 30 appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) criticized President Trump’s immigration suspension and said he would rather see a move toward “no screening” and the passage of more gun control. Murphy claimed that the U.S. has ISIS “on its heels,” and the suspension of immigration from Iran, Iraq,

Pelosi: I Hate to Say This, But Dems Are the Ones Actually Doing ‘The Lord’s Work’

Cortney O’Brien, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had an interesting take on her party’s inability to connect with religious Americans during an interview with “Morning Joe” on Friday. Joe Scarborough wondered why Democrats were not connecting with working class voters and people of faith. These demographics, the host noted, often feels belittled by them. Pelosi regretted the

Bernie Defies Dems: I’ll Work With Trump

Jamie White | Infowars, Sanders sees value in some of Trump’s proposals. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is bucking Democrat leadership by saying that he’s willing to work with President-elect Donald Trump on some issues. When asked if there was “any opportunity” to work with Trump’s administration, Sanders told MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “I see some, sure.”

Mark Halperin Was Right

Rich Galen,  Three weeks from tomorrow – the Trump era will begin. That means the Obama era will come to an end. At this time one year ago, Barack Obama’s approval rating was four percentage points underwater, 46-50 according to the Gallup Tracking Poll. Then, the calendar clicked over into the Presidential year, the spotlight turned to

A conservative’s advice for the newly humbled press

Kristi Stone Hamrick,  Since Donald Trump won the presidency in numbers that shocked everyone paid to know the math, the media has been frank in its assessment that they got a collected “F” on their homework. From the denizens of MSNBC Morning Joe to Chuck Todd’s raw commentary to truly insightful column by CBS’ Will

Trump on Comey Decision: “You can’t review 650,000 emails in eight days.”

Steve Watson | Infowars, GOP nominee Donald Trump declared Sunday that Hillary Clinton is being ‘protected by a rigged system’ as it was announced by FBI Director James Comey that the bureau is discontinuing its investigation into her home email server for a second time. “Right now she is being protected by a rigged system.

When it comes to talk of a ‘rigged’ election the progressive left is already there

John Sexton, The issue that progressives suddenly seem very concerned about, i.e. that Donald Trump will corrode America’s faith in our electoral system, is a case of rushing to close the barn door after the horse has already gotten out. Whatever damage Trump has done in the past couple months can’t compare to what progressives themselves