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Mozilla Firefox Biased: Pushing Democrat Voter Registration

Daniel Greenfield, The Point Remember the time Mozilla pushed out its own boss, the guy who had invented JavaScript, for having once donated money in opposition to gay marriage? Firefox’s market share is below 10 percent, but Mozilla keeps doubling down on its politics. The “nonpartisan” voter registration group that partnered with Mozilla Firefox to

Mozilla Firefox Firing of Brendan Eich Fallout: OkFascist

Derek Hunter  Mozilla, the company that makes the web browser Firefox, committed the only unforgivable sin progressives have – it hired someone who didn’t toe the progressive line to be its CEO. Uniformity of thought is the new black, and a straying from that plantation lands you on the new blacklist. That’s where Brendan Eich

It’s Time For Christians To Blacklist Mozilla Firefox And OkCupid

 There’s a simple reason Christians don’t get any respect in America. It’s because we don’t DESERVE IT. Tell me that I’m wrong….but right after you do, explain to me why liberals WET THEMSELVES IN FEAR when they merely THINK ABOUT doing something that could offend Muslims. There’s a simple reason that Hollywood and liberals don’t