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Gaza’s Best Hope Lies in New York

 For their own reasons, Israelis and Palestinians have traditionally been leery of involving the United Nations Security Council in mediating their long-running conflict. Now, though, after seven weeks of fighting in Gaza that has produced little other than death, misery, and destruction, that body represents the best hope for the two sides to achieve both […] Continue reading →

Blue State Residents Are Flocking to Red States

Matt Vespa  People are fleeing blue states in droves. In Illinois alone, half of its residents would rather move someplace else. You might recall Dan’s post detailing their plight. After all, the Land of Lincoln had anemic job growth; only 500 jobs were created between 2013-2014. But, while blue state residents flocking to conservative states might […] Continue reading →

The NRA Is Going After Michael Bloomberg

Matt Vespa  President Barack Obama isn’t the most helpful politician to Democrats this election cycle, but there could be another “boogeyman” in this election cycle: Michael Bloomberg. The National Rifle Association launched an offensive against this anti-gun activist earlier this week–and it’s about time (via Washington Post): The National Rifle Association announced Tuesday that it is […] Continue reading →

Hillary’s Delphic Politics

Jeff Jacoby If Hillary Clinton doesn’t become the next president of the United States, perhaps she could set up as the next Oracle of Delphi. To the ancient Greeks, the oracle was an authority of immense significance, whose pronouncements carried such weight that supplicants would undertake grueling journeys to consult her before making important decisions. But […] Continue reading →

How Popular is the Libertarian Movement?

Mark Skousen “Libertarians are living in a fantasy world.” — Paul Krugman,New York Times The New York Timesmagazine published a cover story last week with the headline, “Has the Libertarian Moment Finally Arrived?” It highlighted Sen. Rand Paul’s recent growth in popularity and his potential as a presidential candidate in 2016. But the reporter did […] Continue reading →

Wal-Mart’s Sales Stagnation Reignites Concern About Economy

 Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT)’s latest struggles to revive U.S. sales, following a disappointing Commerce Department report earlier this week, add to evidence that the economy isn’t recovering as quickly as expected. The company posted stagnant same-store sales today in its second-quarter earnings report, marking the sixth straight period of no growth. The world’s largest retailer […] Continue reading →