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Lawmakers embrace budget gimmick to fund highways

 If there’s anything that can unite Democrats and Republicans in the partisan swamp of Capitol Hill, it’s free money. The latest example of free money in Washington is a retread proposal called “pension smoothing” that raises money but doesn’t actually increase anyone’s taxes. To some people’s way of thinking, that’s a win-win situation. But others […] Continue reading →

N.Y.Times on Obama – He is Weary and want to portray the President as a real statesman

“A Restless President Weary of the Obligations of the White House…” Michael Krieger | Liberty Blitzkrieg  What’s so amusing about today’s article from the New York Times titled, At Dinner Tables, Restless President Finds Intellectual Escape, is that the author appears to be quite sympathetic to Obama. She seems to want to portray the President as a real statesman; one who […] Continue reading →

Gun Confiscation Begins in New York?

 Nassau County man: State Police “just came to my home and took everything” Second amendment activists are expressing concern that authorities in New York state have begun moving towards mass gun confiscation after a man had all his firearms seized by police over a 15-year-old misdemeanor charge. In a post on the forum entitled, […] Continue reading →

Winner of Worst Week In Washington: Hillary Clinton

Matt Vespa So, who had the worst week in Washington? Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post said that’ll be former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose book sales are sinking faster than the Titanic (via WaPo): Then there is the question of just how well Clinton’s book is actually selling. According to Nielsen BookScan, sales […] Continue reading →

Gay pride parades across US draw large crowds

 Gay pride parades held around the nation Sunday drew huge crowds of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their supporters who celebrated after a year of numerous same-sex marriage victories. As many as 1 million people packed the streets of the Chicago’s North Side for the first gay pride parade since Illinois legalized gay […] Continue reading →