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Divorce law out of sync with same-sex marriage

 Cori Jo Long, 31, and Brooke Powell, 30, did everything right before they married. They fell in love slowly, based on years of friendship stretching back to high school. They planned their nuptials carefully for about a year, choosing to travel from Texas to New Hampshire in 2010 as same-sex marriage spread. Sadly, bad times […] Read More →

High-profile New York event highlights Clinton’s So-Called ‘elite’ image

 When Hillary Clinton rubs shoulders with financial executives and philanthropic giants at the Clinton Global Initiative’s meeting this week, it will underscore the tension between her elite connections and populist image likely to feature in her expected 2016 presidential campaign. Seen by liberal critics as a close ally of the global elite, she will have […] Read More →

The 10 Most Important Things In The World Right Now

 Hello! Here’s what people will be chatting about on Monday.   1. A yet-to-be-released report from the Centers for Disease Control estimates that Ebola could infect up to 500,000 people by the end of January without additional aid from governments, Bloomberg News reports.  2. An estimated 311,000 demonstrators flooded the streets of New York City on Sunday […] Read More →

So, It Seems Sen. Hagan Chose A NYC Fundraiser Over A Classified Hearing On ISIS

Matt Vespa, A new Elon University poll found something interesting regarding the most important issue on the minds of North Carolina’s likely voters [emphasis mine]: When asked “what is the most important issue in the United States?” many likely voters mentioned something related to international affairs or national defense. Not since 2007 has the Elon Poll […] Read More →

Health Dept. Confirms NYC Cases of Enterovirus-D68

 A virus causing respiratory illness in children across more than 15 states has made its way to the city. State Health officials confirm more than a dozen children have come down with Enterovirus-D68, including some from New York City. The disease has affected more than 100 kids around the nation and can sometimes result in […] Read More →

Michelle Malkin: The Spread of Rocky Mountain Jihad

 Something’s fouling Colorado’s crisp air — and I’m not talking about the pot smoke. In my adopted home state, the toxic fumes of Islamic jihad have penetrated the most unlikely hamlets and hinterlands. Obama administration officials are vehemently denying plots by ISIS operatives to cross our borders. But the lesson here is clear: Thanks to […] Read More →

Secret Network Connects Harvard Money to Payday Loans

 Alex Slusky was under pressure to put the money in his private-equity fund to work. The San Francisco technology financier had raised $1.2 billion in 2007 to buy and turn around struggling software companies. By 2012, investors including Harvard University were upset that about half the money hadn’t been used, according to three people with […] Read More →