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President Trump Sends North Korea an Unprecedented Message

Joseph Klein, The days of ‘strategic patience’ and appeasement are over.  President Donald Trump issued his strongest warning to date to North Korea on Tuesday, after reports surfaced that North Korea had developed a nuclear weapon small enough to fit on a missile. North Korea has already test fired two intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching

Obama, Clinton and Fertilizing a Nuclear North Korea

Matthew Vadum, How leftist fantasies and appeasement put America in nuclear jeopardy. After Barack Obama’s eight long years of gutting America’s missile-defense capabilities, our nation has awakened to the nightmare of a North Korea armed with nuclear missiles capable of reaching U.S. territory. Fortunately, Donald Trump, who, unlike his predecessor, takes his responsibility to defend

US vows it will ‘never accept a nuclear North Korea’ after new missile test

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson vowed Tuesday that the U.S. would “never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea” while U.S. and South Korean forces held joint ballistic missile drills after the Communist nation successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. Tillerson also called for all nations to fully implement United Nations sanctions against North Korea, saying “global

Condoleezza Rice: ‘When you’re not credible about Syria, you’re not credible about North Korea’

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice praised the Trump administration on Fox News’ “Hannity” Monday for its work with the Chinese government on confronting North Korea’s regime over its burgeoning nuclear weapons program. While discussing last month’s Mar-a-Lago summit between Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Rice said the administration “impressed upon the Chinese that

KIM’S HUMAN SHIELDS: North Korea confirms third American held as tensions rise

North Korea confirmed on Wednesday it is holding an accounting professor, bringing to three the number of Americans held in its prisons as international tensions escalate. It was widely known that Kim Sang Dok, who also goes by the name Tony Kim, was nabbed at Pyongyang International Airport on April 22, but state-controlled media confirmed the

US citizens held in North Korea see diminished hope of freedom amid rising tensions

North Korea has put another American behind bars, bringing to three the number of U.S. citizens imprisoned in the rogue regime’s infamous gulags even as tensions on the peninsula threaten to spiral out of control. Tony Kim, a 58-year-old Korean-American professor, was detained at Pyongyang International Airport after teaching accounting for a month at Pyongyang