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The Rise of the Networked Left

Caroline Glick, The riots against Murray and Yiannopoulos are a familiar sight to the campus Jewish community. An acrid stench of repression is spreading through America. Last Thursday, conservative political scientist Charles Murray from the American Enterprise Institute was attacked by a leftist mob at Middlebury College. Murry was invited to Middlebury by the college’s

Four things that must change for any Middle East peace plan to work

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Rabbi Marvin Hier Even before Wednesday’s Trump-Netanyahu White House meeting, there had been much conjecture that the ‘Two State Solution’ is dead. Palestinians and much of the international community blame the hundreds of thousands of Jews who live in peaceful communities (aka “settlements’) on the disputed West Bank for being the major

Thank you Hillary, for reminding us why we’re lucky you lost the election

Michael Goodwin, Thank you, Hillary Clinton. Thank you for ­reminding America about the importance of Donald Trump’s victory and of the awful consequences if you had won. Clinton sent out a taunting tweet of “3-0” after the three-judge panel from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously slapped a halt on Trump’s executive order on

Clinton trolls Trump on court case, Conway swipes back

Hillary Clinton resurfaced again Thursday night to troll President Trump over losing the latest court battle on his travel ban — though top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway was quick with a Twitter retort.  Clinton tweeted, “3-0” after a federal appeals court ruled unanimously against reinstating Trump’s order on immigration and refugees. The three-judge panel of

Obama’s Enabling of Palestinian Terror

Joseph Puder, A leftist administration’s cruelty toward the Jewish state. When we consider last months United Nations Security Council resolution (UNSC) 2334 that passed with deliberate U.S. abstention and later, justified in a speech by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, it makes the adage below come to mind. The Midrash (commentary on part of

Democrat crybabies, stop it. You are embarrassing yourselves. Donald Trump is your President

Thomas Madison, Divine Providence gave us Donald Trump and the Republican majority that exists in both chambers of Congress and most statehouses. We the People have finally put the Democrat Party out to pasture, or more metaphorically correct, thrown it in the dumpster. Notwithstanding the simple genius of our founders’ design when they created the

Obama and Kerry aren’t done yet — they have a big date coming up in Paris on January 15.

Jed Babbin, Obama’s Next ‘Last’ Betrayal. Last week many of us ink-stained wretches proclaimed Obama’s abstention in the vote on the December 23 anti-Israel UN resolution his last betrayal of our only real ally in the Middle East. We were wrong. Obama isn’t done yet.  Obama is going to use his last three weeks in

Obama Gives Parting Middle Finger to Israel with Anti-Settlement Resolution

Aaron Klein, President Barack Obama set the tone for his future attitude toward Israel during his infamous June 4, 2009, speech at Cairo University, where he claimed the Palestinians suffer “daily humiliations — large and small — that come with occupation,” and referred to Palestinian terrorism as “resistance through violence and killing.” Obama would go