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Why We Must Defend the Constitution, the Guardian of Liberty

Congressman Keith Rothfus,  September 17 is a special day for our country.  That is the day, in 1787, when the Constitutional Convention meeting in Philadelphia agreed to the framework for the nation’s government, our Constitution. Every American should take time that day to read the seven articles and twenty-seven amendments that are supposed to guide

Trump fans are voting like it’s 1966

A fast-growing economy is worth missing, but in most ways the good old days weren’t that great. Here’s a new way of identifying Donald Trump‘s supporters. Ask them to compare life “for people like you” in 2016 and 50 years ago. The Pew Research Center did just that recently and the results were dramatic: 81% of Trumpsters

Obama is clearly terrified by the prospect of a Trump presidency

Andrew Prokop, VOX  Under practically any other circumstances, what Barack Obama just did would strike many people as entirely inappropriate. The sitting president denounced one of the two major candidates to succeed him in the office as “unfit to serve” and suggested that he wouldn’t be able to “function as president.” Obama suggested that, unlike

Dallas, Minnesota and Baton Rouge: If this is a war, then there will be no winners

Richard Pierce, My stepsister, who is white, texted me Thursday night from a demonstration in support of the men of color in her life, of whom I am one.  She was scared and felt helpless.  I had no words for her, or at least they seemed unsubstantial.  Friday morning, I awoke to the news of

Cancer expert: What’s missing from Obama’s National Cancer Moonshot

Brian J. Bolwell M.D., The National Cancer Moonshot – President Obama’s bold program to eliminate cancer as we know it – borrows part of its name from President Kennedy’s similarly audacious pledge to win the space race of the 1960’s. Only this time, the stakes are even higher. Announced in January, and jump-started with $1