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Rudy Giuliani out of contention for Cabinet post

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has removed his name from consideration for a position in President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet, the transition team announced Friday. Giuliani, who is currently a vice chairman on the presidential transition team, had been rumored to be in consideration for secretary of state. In an interview with Eric Bolling

Gingrich: Recount effort part of takeover by the ‘nutty wing’ of the Democratic party

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich slammed efforts by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Green Party candidate Jill Stein to force a recount of votes in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, with another request expected to be filed in Michigan this week.  “The recount mania is one more example of the collapse of the Democratic Party as

Trump back to business as recount distractions loom large

President-elect Donald Trump will be back in the saddle Monday in New York as he looks to decide who will fill the integral appointments in his Cabinet as concerns about a possible secretary of state choice rise and the distraction of a recount vote in Wisconsin, and possibly other key battleground states, set to press

Having Mitt Romney for Secretary of State Would Be a Step Backwards #NeverRomney

An internal dispute among Donald Trump’s advisers broke out into the open on Sunday when his campaign manager warned that the president-elect could face an intense backlash from supporters if he chose Mitt Romney to be his secretary of state. Trump has been weighing whether to pick Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee who spent

Left Targets Giuliani for Fighting Terrorism too Energetically

Tom Tancredo, In a move that invites parody if not outright ridicule, the left-oriented Politico blog this week went after former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for fighting Iran-sponsored terrorism too aggressively. Well, duh! In a week that saw “Fake News” become the number one topic of debate among mainstream journalists, Politico decided to

Apology or Not Back Stabbing Mitt Romney is Unfit to Be Trump’s Secretary of State

According to Fox News’ Ed Henry, President-elect Donald Trump may make things a little more difficult for Mitt Romney if he hopes to become our nation’s next Secretary of State. As you may recall, back on March 3rd the former Massachusetts Governor and Republican nominee for President game an impassioned anti-Trump speech to a crowd

Rudy Giuliani deserves better from anti-Trump activists

Steve Forbes, Long ago the hard left learned that relentless attacks–it didn’t matter whether they were based on fact or fiction–were crucial in undermining the legitimacy of a policy or person. This ugly, divisive tactic is on display with President-elect Trump, particularly now in the area of personnel: no matter who he chooses for his