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The Saudi Arabia-Iran War Escalates

Austin Bay, On November 4, a U.S.-made Patriot missile intercepted an Iranian-manufactured Burkan H-2 short-range ballistic missile as its warhead plunged toward the international airport outside Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital. Though the missile was launched from Yemen, with good reason Saudi leaders called the attack an act of “aggression” by Iran. A human rights organization

Why Trump chose Saudi Arabia as his first foreign visit

Ali Shihabi, President Trump just announced that Saudi Arabia will be the first foreign country he visits as president, underscoring both the success of Saudi outreach to the new administration, and the determination of this President to recommit to the strategic alliance providing stability in an unstable region. The symbolism of this is exceptionally important,

Saudi general: My country supports America’s tough stance against ISIS, terror and Iran

Ahmed Hassan Mohammad Asseri, Leaders from 68 countries gathered in Washington for a meeting of the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh (ISIL) hosted by President Trump’s administration this past week. Saudi Arabia welcomes the new administration’s attention to the Middle East and its support for America’s friends who are fighting back against transnational terrorists such

9/11 Trial: ‘20th Hijacker’ Offers to Testify About Saudi Link to 9/11 Attacks

Edwin Mora, A convicted jihadist serving a life sentence in federal prison as the “20th hijacker” in the September 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S. homeland has reportedly offered to testify during the 9/11 trial to “expose the Saudi Royal double game with” the late al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. His offer comes as hundreds

American Game of Footsie with Saudi Arabia Must End

Rachel Marsden, This isn’t your granddaddy’s Saudi Arabia. For decades, America purchased Saudi oil and mostly ignored the country’s human-rights issues, including the treatment of women as second-class citizens, while the Saudi royals enjoyed the benefits of having a rich, thirsty customer who paid on time. But now, Saudi Arabia has become a liability for

The Saudis are coming: Seven things Team Trump needs to know

Ali Shihabi, When Saudi Arabia’s young and dynamic Deputy Crown Prince, son of King Salman, arrives in Washington this week, he’ll seek to both reaffirm the strong security alliance with America and to impart a powerful message of how the Kingdom is changing. In just over two years, the 31-year-old Mohammed bin Salman, has tackled

Saudi Official: Iran Is ‘Main Sponsor of Terrorism in the World’

Edwin Mora, Sunni Saudi Arabia described the Shiite Islamic Republic of Iran as the “single main sponsor of terrorism in the world” after refusing its invitation for dialogue. The comments on Sunday from Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir came less than a week after the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration is considering