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Hey, Facebook, it’s time to put our safety before your algorithms

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, The murder of an innocent man in Cleveland shown on Facebook by the perpetrator  is but the latest distressing outrage exposing the horrific flipside of social media. Apparently, the grisly implications of the monstrous deed — including, G-d forbid copycat crimes, has led Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg to announce a review of

Censorship, Monopolistic Abuse And Social Media’s Human Rights Potential #GabFam

William Craddick, Gab CCO Utsav Sanduja On Censorship, Monopolistic Abuse And Social Media’s Human Rights Potential. #SpeakFreely We’re no longer living in the 1990’s and the age of computer science major-driven startups which various entrepreneurs grew out of their garages to become transnational conglomerates. Tech groups now permeate every aspect of our lives. Their products

Twitter Threatens To Kill Trump’s Account #SpeakFreely, Alex Jones discusses Twitter’s statement that they would consider banning President Elect Donald Trump’s account, an unprecedented move that would surely destroy the social media website. A Twitter spokesperson told Slate this week that it would consider banning government officials, including president elect Trump, if its rules against “hateful conduct” were violated. “Twitter Rules

New Fast Growing Social Media Network #Gab Is an Alternative to Facebook and Twitter

What is ? #SpeakFreely Gab is a people first social network. Users can post “Gabs,” which have a 300 character limit. -Users can follow other Gabbers and be followed back. -Users can upvote or downvote Gabs. Gab is an online social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send and read short blog-like

It Must End: Blurred Lines of Opinion, News and Social Media Profanity

Bryan Crabtree, We have a serious problem with online-harassment, fraud, distortion and lies by media outlets. And, many of our citizens have turned online dialogue and comment threads into pornography. Something has to be done. Fake News. For example, the most popular stories about the presidential election in 2016 were false: Hillary Clinton sold weapons

The five essential reasons Hillary lost (no, she can’t blame Comey)

Bryan Wright, Last weekend, Sec. Hillary Clinton blamed her loss on FBI Director Comey, arguing that his late-breaking email investigation tanked her Presidential aspirations. Some of her supporters have gone so far as to claim a pro-Trump conspiracy throughout the Bureau. The past week has been difficult for my Democratic party. After all, it’s not

Trump is Winning Campaign on Social Media #Vote4Trump

With fewer than 20 days before Election Day, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump might be lagging behind competitor Hillary Clinton in the polls, but he is winning on social media. Over the last two weeks, the billionaire businessman has shattered his records on being the most talked about candidate on Facebook. Last week, with the

Trump Weaponizes Social Media #TrumpTrain

Kathryn Blackhurst, Polizette GOP nominee first to wield Facebook and Twitter’s full potential. There’s no doubt about it: Donald Trump has harnessed the incredible power of social media platforms like no political candidate has ever done before. Rather than hiring a sophisticated team of media and communications professionals to carefully analyze and operate his Twitter account,

Social Media Giant’s Stock Plunges As Conservatives Purged, Wages War on Free Speech

The stock loses value after declaring war on free speech. The social networking giant Twitter is facing serious problems as it is reporting disappointing earnings to stockholders even as it struggles to grow, or even maintain, its user base. In the latest quarter, its cash flow estimate was cut by $80 million, leading to another