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Yes Obama’s Amnesties Do Increase Deficits

Conn Carroll,  Yesterday I asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest to justify White House claims that President Obama’s immigration executive actions reduce federal deficits in light of a letter from the Congressional Budget Office showing that they increase on-budget deficits by $8.8 billion. Earnest then claimed that I was reading the letter wrong, and that the […] Continue reading →

Outrage: Obama’s Executive Amnesty Okays Tax Refunds To Illegals Who Never Paid US Taxes

 As the Republican-led House squabbles with the Republican-led Senate over DHS funding to pay for President Obama’s executive amnesty orders, something the IRS commissioner just said may change the course of that legislative tussle. The Washington Times reports that, as a result of Obama’s unilateral actions on amnesty, the Internal Revenue Service is preparing to provide “refunds” […] Continue reading →

Amnesty Doesn’t Reduce The Deficit

Conn Carroll,   President Obama wants Americans to believe that amnesty for illegal immigrants will reduce the deficit. His fiscal year 2016 budget claims, “We will also put our Nation on a more sustainable fiscal path by achieving $1.8 trillion in deficit reduction, primarily from reforms in health programs, our tax code, and immigration. … The Congress can also […] Continue reading →

5 Ways the Middle Class Is Getting Screwed

John Hawkins,  When Democrats talk about middle class Americans, they almost inevitably use them as a cudgel to attack the rich. On the other hand, bizarrely, Republicans seem to spend much more time defending the rich from attacks by the Left than talking about what they’re going to do to help the middle class. That’s […] Continue reading →

Elizabeth Warren Launches Social Media Attack on GOP

On Facebook and Twitter, Warren offers red meat to her base.  Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is ready for battle. In a preview of the fights to be waged with the GOP over the coming months, Warren turned to social media on Tuesday to blast House Republicans for making a “ridiculous” move that “threatens” Social Security just hours after […] Continue reading →

The Social Security Collection Agency

Paul Jacob, To those nattering nabobs of negativity who don’t trust government to do the right thing, or even to stop doing the wrong thing once discovered, I just want to say: “You’re right.” Again. Last April, a Washington Post exposé about a bizarrely tyrannical debt collection program caused the Social Security Administration (SAA) to […] Continue reading →

Despite promises, Social Security still trying to collect old debts from kin

 The Social Security Administration, which announced in April that it would stop trying to collect debts from the children of people who were allegedly overpaid benefits decades ago, has continued to demand such payments and now defends that practice in court documents. After The Washington Post reported in April that the Treasury Department had confiscated […] Continue reading →

Victor Davis Hanson: An Inconvenient Law

 There is a humane, transparent, truthful — and constitutional — way to address illegal immigration. Unfortunately, President Obama’s unilateral plan to exempt millions of residents from federal immigration law is none of those things.  Obama said he had to move now because of a dawdling Congress. He forgot to mention that there were Democratic majorities […] Continue reading →

Some in US illegally could get retirement benefits

 Many immigrants in the United States illegally who apply for work permits under President Barack Obama’s new executive actions would be eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits upon reaching retirement age, according to the White House. Under Obama’s actions, immigrants who are spared deportation could obtain work permits and a Social Security number. As […] Continue reading →