Same-sex couples face the music: First comes love, then taxes

NEW YORK,  Getting married is both an emotional decision and an economic one, something that same-sex couples in the states that have allowed them to legally wed have been finding out since 2004. Estate planning, taxes, Social Security benefits, health insurance and other financial issues have historically been enormously complicated for same-sex couples. For the… [Read More]


Hackers nabbed data on every federal employee, union claims. A major cyberattack on U.S. federal personnel data was far graver than the Obama administration has acknowledged, with hackers obtaining information on every federal employee, the president of a government workers union claimed Thursday. In a letter to the director of the Office of Personnel Management… [Read More]

Social Security overpaid nearly half on disability, watchdog says

WASHINGTON –  Social Security overpaid nearly half the people receiving disability benefits over the past decade, according to a government watchdog, raising questions about the management of the cash-strapped program. In all, Social Security overpaid beneficiaries by nearly $17 billion, according to a 10-year study by the agency’s inspector general. Many payments went to people… [Read More]

Bush and Rubio favored in Florida but other Republicans want a look

Differences emerged on Tuesday among Republican rivals for the 2016 presidential nomination at a forum where it was clear that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio will face some competition in Florida despite their home-state edge. The fact that seven Republican candidates or potential candidates spoke at Florida Governor Rick Scott’s “Economic Growth Summit” was proof… [Read More]

Identity Thieves Got Private Data for 104,000 U.S. Taxpayers

Identity thieves stole information on 104,000 U.S. taxpayers from the IRS website and used the data to file fake tax returns that yielded as much as $50 million in refunds, agency Commissioner John Koskinen said. The thieves had enough personal information on the taxpayers to get past security filters on the “Get Transcript” function on… [Read More]

Seize the Moment, Strengthen Social Security

Dan Weber, “Coincidence of interest” is a marvelous thing. Two people or two groups that may never agree, suddenly find themselves at an intersection, and concur that the way ahead lies in the same direction. That is what solutions often boil down to. And we have such a moment right now — to preserve and… [Read More]

The Ticking Fiscal Time Bomb of Social Security

Daniel J. Mitchell,  America has a giant long-run problem largely caused by poorly designed entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. So when I wrote last month about proposals by some Democrats to expand Social Security, I was less than enthusiastic. …demographic changes and ill-designed programs will combine to dramatically expand the size… [Read More]

Harvard, Dartmouth: Social Security forecasts have been too optimistic — and increasingly biased

Ed Morrissey,  Republicans have tried a decade ago to reform the Social Security system, warning that the program would tip over into the red earlier than expected and the trust fund would entirely dissipate while some current recipients were still alive to see it. Democrats led by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi claimed the crisis… [Read More]

In the Left’s Orwellian World, Taxpayers Who Get to Keep their Income Are Getting “Handouts”

Daniel J. Mitchell,  I’ve sometimes asserted, only half-jokingly, that statists believe all of our income belongs to the government and that we should be grateful if we’re allowed to keep any slice of what we earn. This is, at least in part, the mentality behind the “tax expenditure” concept, which creates a false equivalence between… [Read More]

Obama’s Wanton Lawlessness Should Disturb All Americans

David Limbaugh,  We live in a constitutional republic in which our elected officials are bound by the constraints of the Constitution, which means they don’t have a license to do whatever they please, even if they think it would be best for the country. That President Barack Obama so flagrantly violates this enshrined legal principle… [Read More]

U.S. pensioners risk overestimating Social Security benefits

 Some U.S. workers who have paid into the Social Security system are in for a rude awakening when the checks start coming: Their benefits could be chopped up to $413 per month without advance warning. That is the maximum potential cut for 2015 stemming from the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP), a little-understood rule that was… [Read More]

Few paths open, U.S. presidential hopeful Christie aims at Social Security

 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday touched on one of the more controversial policy issues – reforming the Social Security program for retirees – as he sought to regain attention in a crowded Republican 2016 presidential election field. Christie, despite potential disapproval from some within his own party and voters leery of losing their… [Read More]