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Like Jackson, Trump is an Intensely American President

Newt Gingrich, President Trump gave a historic speech last week honoring President Andrew Jackson. True to current form, the media largely either missed or maligned it. During his visit to the Hermitage, Jackson’s home and final resting place in Nashville, Tennessee, President Trump paid respects to his predecessor on Jackson’s 250th birthday. He was the

Left-Wing Activists Prepare for ‘Resistance’ with Breathing Exercises

Edmund Kozak, MoveOn teaches anti-Trump agitators coping strategies, ‘our breath is so precious’ Coping strategies used by distressed liberals to deal with President Donald Trump’s November election victory are now being used to prepare activists to “resist” the Trump agenda. Coddled college kids across the country tried group cry-ins, group hug-ins, coloring with crayons, and even

Military brass sound alarm about ‘insidious decline’ in readiness

Andrew O’Reilly, For decades, the F/A-18 Hornet has been the Navy’s front-line combat jet – taking off from aircraft carriers around the globe to enforce no-fly zones, carry out strikes and even engage in the occasional dogfight. But the Navy’s ability to use these planes is now greatly hindered as more than 60 percent of

Trump, the Media and a Cure for Hysteria

John Kass, Before Donald Trump establishes himself in the White House, here’s hoping he does something huge for American journalism. He’s already been a huge boon to journalists, serving as a pinata for thwacks and clicks and fear and clicks and panic and clicks and outrage, shame, clicks and more clicks. But sometimes, clicks just

Kellyanne Conway SMACKS Feminist Haters as Childless Interns…

Michael Qazvini, By any metric, Trump campaign manager, spokesman, and transition team leader, Kellyanne Conway, should be a modern feminist icon. She’s dangerously smart, successful, and ambitious. She’s also the first woman in American history to successfully spearhead a presidential campaign. So why aren’t progressives celebrating her ascendency? Two reasons. First, she’s a conservative. The fact

Huffington Post editor’s tweet sparks FBI investigation

Daniel Halper, The FBI is investigating a Huffington Post scribe for joking about “destroying Trump ballots” at a Washington, DC, voting site, the reporter claimed. Nick Baumann said it all began with a joke that the feds didn’t find particularly amusing. On Oct. 31, 2016, Baumann tweeted: “I love my job working at a voting

Trump Hallmark – Sound Cabinet Choices

Robert Charles, If past is prelude, America has a lot to look forward to. Sound cabinet choices across the board by President-elect Trump seem to be emerging, and with regularity. Controversial, at a time when everything is controversial, perhaps. But scrolling back the rhetoric, these choices are rational, thoughtful, experienced and – in a word

About Hillary Clinton, She’s not right and we all know it

Howie Carr: Nation fails its moral exam The emperor has no clothes. Whatever happens Tuesday, and I’m not that optimistic, at least Donald Trump’s campaign has exposed the utter moral and ethical bankruptcy of the American establishment from top to bottom. They’re frauds — the Democrats, their media coatholders, the Paul Ryan Republicans, Wall Street,

It is not morally sound to vote for an unfit candidate #LockHerUp

Joel B. Pollak, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told some 4,300 supporters in a packed convention center that their state was a key to victory. “In two days — can you believe this? — and we are going to win back the White House,” he said, to cheers. “And I want to thank the people