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Secretary Devos’ most important task

Vince M. Bertram, Throughout much of the Senate hearing process to confirm a new leader for the Department of Education, the conversation orbited around hot-button political issues — school choice, charter schools, Common Core and others. But in order to effectively address these questions of how we educate American students, newly confirmed Secretary of Education

Businesses brace for Trump decision on H-1B visas in wake of Sessions pick

Adam Shaw, President-elect Donald Trump’s policies on illegal immigration, particularly on the border wall and cracking down on sanctuary cities, were at the center of his election campaign. Now, advocates of immigration restriction are hoping for reform to H-1B visas that they say are hurting American workers. The H-1B is a temporary, non-immigrant visa, currently

The Democrats Have Betrayed Labor

Michael W. Cutler, Supporting unchecked immigration incompatible with standing for working Americans. There was a time when the Democratic Party provided a voice for American workers. The Democrats of the 20th century advocated for higher wages and better working conditions and opportunities for upward mobility for blue-collar workers. This was the concept behind the “American Dream”

Let’s Make Manufacturing Great Again #AmericaFirst

Gary Shapiro, If there’s one common thread running through sizable portions of the American Left and Right these days, it’s anti-globalization. The opposition takes many forms, from anti-immigration to anti-free-trade agreements, but at its core is the sense that globalization has hurt the American middle class. Neither side has much patience for economists’ view that

Allen West: The STEM education Challege in our country today

(Editors’ note: This column is co-authored by Chris MacFarland) New, robust partnerships between the public and private sectors are needed today to attract and educate the young scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians for tomorrow. A stem is the main trunk of a plant, and STEM — short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — is

Kaine Is A Career Democratic Party Insider

Insider Kaine Vs. Outsider Sanders Politico ‘s Edward-Isaac Dovere: “In An Anti-Establishment Year, He’s [Kaine’s] A Career Politician.” “Lining up against Kaine is the boring factor – both that he doesn’t come off as the most interesting person himself, and that at this point, his selection is so widely expected that the announcement wouldn’t excite

Sen. Jeff Sessions Slams Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Student Plan, Would Hurt American Grads

Caroline May, Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton’s plan to “staple” a green card to the diplomas of foreign students graduating with masters and PhDs in the Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics fields would hurt the job prospects and wages of American graduates already struggling in a glutted labor market, according to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL). “Although there