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In the Age of Trump? Five essential lessons for Republicans

Curt Anderson, How should we behave in the age of Donald Trump? Many politicians, clients, political operatives and staffers have asked me variations of this question over the past month. Being in somewhat uncharted territory, this is a legitimately challenging query. What should we do when our president says something that we find offensive? What

The Gift of Life’s Disappointments

Terry Paulson, The holidays are often about gifts—what did you get for Christmas or Hanukah? Such gifts, no matter how impressive, may soon be taken for granted. But there are gifts of a different sort like the lasting lesson that comes from the gift of life’s disappointments. As we end the year, some are still

Michael Savage Warns Donald Trump: ‘Rinse’ Reince; He’s ‘Everything the Voters Rejected’

Julia Hahn, President-elect Donald Trump should not select Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff, says Michael Savage, the national talk radio host and author of the new book Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country After Obama. Priebus is “the enemy within,” Savage warns. “He’s the RNC! Everything the voters rejected,” Savage tells Breitbart News. “He will steer

Alex Jones Leads #AmericaFirst Unity Rally In Cleveland: ˜Trump Is Surging!’

The Republican National Convention opened this afternoon in Cleveland with a floor fight inside the Quicken Loans Arena, where anti-Trump delegates attempted to force a roll call vote on their presumptive nominee, while only blocks away, a fervent and distrustful crowd chanted for the jailing of Hillary Clinton on the banks of the Cuyahoga River.

Obama’s Awful Message To Graduates

Derek Hunter,  President Obama wants you to know you aren’t responsible for your actions, and your choices in life aren’t nearly as important as luck. If that sounds stupid, it’s only because it is. Yet that was the message the president told graduating students at Howard University last Saturday, and few things could be more

Putting the Democratic Party on the Couch

John C. Goodman, Bernie Sanders is beside himself. How can Hillary Clinton take $15 million in contributions from Wall Street and at the same time claim to represent working families?  How can she take millions in contributions from the oil and gas industry and claim to be for the environment?  How can she take $675,000

Socially liberal businesspeople, non-warmongering Democrats, and avowed libertarians

Ronald Bailey, The Demise of the Republican Party, and Duverger’s Law. The Republican Party is falling apart. Last night during a townhall in Wisconsin, the three remaining Republican presidential candidates essentially refused to say that they would support whoever turns out to be the party’s nominee. In addition, the spat over state legislation in Georgia

Obama Unhappy with America’s Constitutional Balance of Powers President “I am not a dictator” Obama, the same man who once bemoaned that the U.S. Constitution is deeply flawed and America’s Founding Fathers had “an enormous blind spot” when they wrote it, is again complaining that our Constitutional Republic does not satisfy his dictatorial aspirations. Apparently, the inconvenience of having each state represented