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State Department investigation provides insight on Democrats’ imported electorate

Lloyd Billingsley, Illegal Alien Voting! President Donald Trump estimated that three to five million illegals had caused him to lose the popular vote, which Hillary Clinton carried by 2.8 million votes. Trump duly launched a commission on voter fraud headed by vice president Mike Pence and Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach. That probe had

The Issa (and Blue State Republican) Dilemma Stand Right or Get Left

Arthur Schaper, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) faced the closest race of his career in 2016. I was not completely surprised. In 2013, one article polled public attitudes about the congressman, who had a net negative, just 43 percent. Issa’s standing with Republicans in general had wavered as well, since many people see him as more

States Demand Supreme Court Uphold Election Integrity Measures

Edmund Kozak, 15 states file amicus brief supporting Ohio appeal of 6th Circuit Court voter roll ruling. Fifteen states have joined an Ohio-led challenge of a 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that dubbed voter roll scrubbing processes unconstitutional. Fourteen states on Friday filed an amicus brief in support of Ohio’s petition with the Supreme Court. “When

Law Group Finds More Illegal Aliens on Voter Rolls in Virginia

Joe Schoffstall | Free Beacon, More than 1,000 illegals previously found on voter rolls in eight Virginia counties. A public interest legal group has discovered more illegal aliens on the voter rolls in Virginia. The Public Interest Legal Foundation, an Indiana-based group that litigates to protect election integrity, provided the Washington Free Beacon with several examples

Holder: Obama preparing to get back into political spotlight

Former President Obama is getting ready to jump back into the political pool, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday. Holder said he has been talking with Obama about different ways to help the new National Democratic Redistricting Committee, according to Politico. Obama asked Holder to be chairman of the group last year. “He’s

Networks Yawn as DNC Lurches Further Left

Brent Bozell, While the media do everything but spontaneously combust at the sight of President Trump, they ignore the other party in turmoil. Over the course of eight years, President Obama plunged the Democrats deep into a crater. But his media buddies paid no attention because nothing Democrats do or don’t do bothers them. For

Sessions DOJ Yanks Obama Claim in Voter ID Case

Brendan Kirby, Justice Department dials back Holder-era suit, says court should let Texas amend law. Signaling a major change from the previous administration, the Justice Department on Monday announced that it was abandoning a key claim in a voter identification lawsuit against Texas. The Justice Department under then-Attorney General Eric Holder had accused the state

Outcry after Chicago public school plans seminar around civil rights, race

A public school in one of Chicago’s wealthiest neighborhoods stepped into unforeseen controversy last week after deciding that its annual seminar will focus on race and civil rights. Dozens of workshops planned for Tuesday at New Trier, located in Winnetka, Ill., will cover such topics as voter suppression, affordable housing and police brutality. Colson Whitehead,

Hundreds of Texans may have voted improperly

Officials in Texas acknowledge that hundreds of people were able to bypass voter ID laws and improperly cast ballots in the presidential election. Voters were able to sign a sworn statement instead of showing ID. The chief election officers in two of Texas’ largest counties are considering whether to refer cases to prosecutors for possible

Suddenly, Friendly Reporters Are Offensive

Brent Bozell, The Trump administration is less than a month old, and former Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, the brand-new national security adviser, has resigned. This matches the picture the anti-Trump media want to paint right now: Chaos. Disarray. Amateur hour. They also expect the president to help them paint it. This is why they’re

Note to the Left: Four Years Ago, Conservatives Were Just as Depressed

Dennis Prager, Here’s a news flash for Democrats and other Americans on the left: Four years ago, when Barack Obama was re-elected president, conservatives were just as depressed as you are now that Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won.        I describe this as news because this undoubtedly surprises many of you.