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Vicente Fox to Trump: ‘Your mouth is the foulest shithole in the world’

Katie Leach, Former Mexican President Vicente Fox had some harsh words for President Trump after he reportedly referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with lawmakers. “.@realDonaldTrump, your mouth is the foulest shithole in the world,” Fox tweeted in response on Thursday. “With what authority do you proclaim

The Left’s Culture of Contempt

Daniel Greenfield, Saving America by hating everyone. The Atlantic’s May cover features Alec Baldwin covered in orange makeup holding up a Trump wig. The cover asks, “Can Satire Save the Republic?” What is satire saving the Republic from? Republicans. While making America safe for Socialism. After Bush won, Democrats fought back by doubling down on

Rand Paul Wants Susan Rice Before Congress

Ian Mason, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told reporters Monday afternoon that former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice “ought to testify under oath” after Bloomberg News’s Eli Lake revealed that, during the presidential transition, she deliberately sought to “unmask” President Donald Trump’s associates from intelligence surveillance. Paul called the reports that Rice made dozens of requests

How House intel probe turned Devin Nunes into a piñata

Howard Kurtz, Six months ago, I doubt that most of the country had heard of Devin Nunes. Now the California congressman is in the eye of a Washington hurricane that could soak President Trump or just harmlessly head out to sea. The Beltway obsession of the moment is whether the chairman of the House Intelligence

CNN Plagiarist Fareed Zakaria Accuses Trumpof “B____T”

Daniel Greenfield, Ladies and gentlemen, Fareed Zakaria. Late Friday night, CNN host Fareed Zakaria had some complaints about President Trump that revolved around one word in particular. “He’s spent his whole life bulls———. He’s succeeded by bulls———. He has gotten the presidency by bulls———,” Zakaria said, uncensored. “It’s very hard to tell somebody at that

The North Korea Syndrome

Lloyd Billingsley, When not assassinating relatives such his estranged half-brother Kim Jong-Nam, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has been launching missiles that fly perilously closer to U.S. allies such as Japan, and few doubt that the ultimate target is the American mainland. In response, as the Washington Times reported, the Trump administration seeks to deploy

The Washington Post Has Undisclosed Links to Castro-Regime Torturers

Humberto Fontova, The Washington Post pretty much “broke” the “scandal” involving Jeff Sessions’s “non-disclosure” of a meeting (while Chairman of the Armed Services Committee) with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S.—in other words, for doing his job. You can also make a case that The Washington Post was performing its job when it hired a