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WH Asks Israel Not to Engage in ‘Unrestrained’ Settlements After West Bank Expansion

Cortney O’Brien, The only blemish in President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s friendly press conference last month was their disagreement over Israeli settlements. When asked if Israel had the right to build more settlements in the West Bank, Trump turned to the prime minister and said he’d like him to “hold back” on future

Israel removes settlers from homes on private Palestinian land

Israeli police began removing settlers and hundreds of supporters on Tuesday from nine houses built illegally on privately owned Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank. Police carried some of the settlers and protesters out of the red-roofed structures in the settlement of Ofra, while others walked out, escorted by officers. Israel’s Supreme Court has

Four things that must change for any Middle East peace plan to work

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Rabbi Marvin Hier Even before Wednesday’s Trump-Netanyahu White House meeting, there had been much conjecture that the ‘Two State Solution’ is dead. Palestinians and much of the international community blame the hundreds of thousands of Jews who live in peaceful communities (aka “settlements’) on the disputed West Bank for being the major

Netanyahu opposes Palestinian state, Israeli minister says ahead of U.S. visit

Benjamin Netanyahu opposes a Palestinian state, a senior Israeli cabinet member said on Monday, but left it unclear whether the prime minister would say that publicly in talks with U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington this week. Netanyahu has never explicitly abandoned his conditional support for a future Palestine, and his spokesman did not respond

Trump is Right: Settlements Don’t Impede Peace

Jeff Jacoby, The world’s restless fixation with where Jews live has flared up again. On Monday evening, Israel’s parliament passed a law authorizing the government to legalize thousands of homes built in the West Bank, in many cases on land against which there are claims of prior ownership. The measure allows the homes to remain,

Netanyahu: US should move embassy to Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that the American embassy in Israel should be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, injecting himself once again into a charged campaign trail promise of U.S. President Donald Trump. Netanyahu’s comments at his weekly Cabinet meeting appeared aimed at countering reports that Israel was concerned about the fallout

A Guide to Basic Differences Between Left and Right

Dennis Prager, Source of Human Rights Left: government Right: the Creator Human Nature Left: basically good (Therefore, society is primarily responsible for evil.) Right: not basically good (Therefore, the individual is primarily responsible for evil.) Economic Goal Left: equality Right: prosperity Primary Role of the State Left: increase and protect equality Right: increase and protect

At least four dead in Palestinian truck attack in Jerusalem

A Palestinian rammed his truck into a group of Israeli soldiers on a popular promenade in Jerusalem on Sunday, killing four of them in an attack that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said is likely to have been inspired by Islamic State. It was the deadliest Palestinian attack in Jerusalem in months and targeted officer cadets

The Three State Solution

Bruce Bialosky, I wrote a column six years ago that addresses how matters should be handled regarding resolving the issues between Israelis and Palestinians. Nothing much has changed since then regarding the actions needed to resolve the issue. President Obama and his feckless Secretary of State John Kerry have temporarily changed how the United States

Obama Administration Set for One Last Strike at Israel

P. David Hornik, A Paris “peace conference” and a Turtle Bay aftermath. A week and a half ago President Obama gave the order for the U.S. to abstain on UN Security Council Resolution 2334, thereby—effectively—voting in favor and allowing the resolution to pass. As I noted, the resolution goes beyond “moral equivalency” by obfuscating Palestinian

Ted Cruz RIPS APART John Kerry: Is this a Preview of Election 2020?

Senator Ted Cruz, always known as a staunch friend of Israel, issued a blistering statement on Facebook targeting Secretary of State John Kerry after Kerry’s speech on Wednesday. Cruz started by noting that Barack Obama and Kerry are using “their last breath in office” to strike at Israel, adding, “History will record and the world will