Trump Win Is The Only Way To Stop TPP Catastrophe

Today President Obama Will Meet With Singapore’s Prime Minister To Push The Clinton-Drafted Trans-Pacific Partnership, Which Will Kill Millions Of Jobs

Today President Obama Plans To Push The Trans-Pacific Partnership During A Meeting With The PM Of Singapore:

Today “President Obama Will Use A Visit From The Prime Minister Of Singapore… To Launch A Final Public Campaign For” The Trans-Pacific Partnership.“President Obama will use a visit from the prime minister of Singapore on Tuesday to launch a final public campaign for a landmark Asia-Pacific trade accord, but proponents are losing hope that the deal can survive the strong anti-trade rancor among fellow Democrats.”(David Nakamura, “With Time Running Out, Obama To Make Final Push On Asia Trade Deal That Clinton Opposes,”The Washington Post, 8/1/16)

“Obama Intends To Reassure Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong During A White House Meeting That Congress Will Ratify The TPP Before The President Leaves Office.”“Administration officials said Obama intends to reassure Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong during a White House meeting that Congress will ratify the TPP before the president leaves office in January.”(David Nakamura, “With Time Running Out, Obama To Make Final Push On Asia Trade Deal That Clinton Opposes,”The Washington Post, 8/1/16)

Clinton Took A Lead Role In Drafting TPP And Said It “Sets The Gold Standard In Trade Agreements”:

As Secretary Of State, Clinton Took “A Leading Part In Drafting The Trans-Pacific Partnership.” “She’s pressed the case for U.S. business in Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries in China’s shadow. She’s also taken a leading part in drafting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free trade pact that would give U.S. companies a leg up on their Chinese competitors.”(Elizabeth Dwoskin and Indira Laksmanan, “How Hillary Clinton Created A U.S. Business-Promotion Machine,” Bloomberg,1/10/13)

Clinton Had Said The Trans-Pacific Partnership “Sets The Gold Standard In Trade Agreements.”CLINTON: “[We] need to keep upping our game both bilaterally and with partners across the region through agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. Australia is a critical partner. This TPP sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade, the kind of environment that has the rule of law and a level playing field. And when negotiated, this agreement will cover 40 percent of the world’s total trade and build in strong protections for workers and the environment.”(Hillary Clinton,Remarks at Techport Australia, 11/15/12)

Last Week Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Said Clinton Would Support TPP As President:

In An Interview On Tuesday, Gov. Terry McAuliffe, “Longtime Best Friend To The Clintons,” Said He “Believes Hillary Clinton Will Support The TPP Trade Deal If Elected President.”“Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, longtime best friend to the Clintons, said Tuesday that he believes Hillary Clinton will support the TPP trade deal if elected president, with some tweaks.”(Annie Karni, “Clinton Friend McAuliffe Says Clinton Will Flip On TPP, Then Walks It Back,”Politico, 7/26/16)

no_tpp_small Trump Win Is The Only Way To Stop TPP Catastrophe

McAuliffe: “Once The Election’s Over, And We Sit Down On Trade” I Expect Clinton Will Support TPP.“‘I worry that if we don’t do TPP, at some point China’s going to break the rules — but Hillary understands this,” he said in an interview after his speech on the main stage at the Democratic National Convention. ‘Once the election’s over, and we sit down on trade, people understand a couple things we want to fix on it but going forward we got to build a global economy.’ Pressed on whether Clinton would turn around and support the trade deal she opposed during the heat of the primary fight against Bernie Sanders, McAuliffe said: ‘Yes. Listen, she was in support of it. There were specific things in it she wants fixed.’”(Annie Karni, “Clinton Friend McAuliffe Says Clinton Will Flip On TPP, Then Walks It Back,”Politico, 7/26/16)

The Following Day, McAuliffe Doubled Down On His Comments That Hillary Clinton Plans To Support TPP Once Elected President.STEPHANIE RUHLE: “Hillary Clinton’s decision to join Sanders in opposing the deal has been a key to winning over a lot of his supporters. But on Tuesday one of her oldest friends, Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe said she may flip her position and actually support the deal when and if she wins the White House. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, spoke exclusively with Governor McAuliffe less than one hour ago. She joins me now on the phone. Andrea what did you learn?” ANDREA MITCHELL: “Well, he is not backing down. He is saying, though, that Hillary Clinton would make changes to it before going along with it. but since that is the priority of the president, they’re going to proceed and try to get TPP on a lame duck session. Right now I am in the Virginia delegation where the vice presidential running mate is about to be coming out. So let me play you a little bit of McAuliffe sound. And if I am distracted, you’ll know it’s because we are at a live event right here with Tim Kaine. This is what Terry McAuliffe had to say.” GOV. TERRY MCAULIFFE (CLIP): “Let me be very clear she will only go forward if the changes she wants are implemented, that everyone is in agreement, the labor folks are in agreement. She’s not going forward as it is today. So unless the changes are made she’s not for it. President Obama does want this, as you know.” RUHLE: “So for you, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of wiggle room. Terry almost sounds like he’s doubling down.” MITCHELL: “It is definitely doubling down and indicating that is the policy.”(MSNBC, 7/27/16)

Trump Has Called On Clinton To Reject TPP, But She Has Refused

On June 28th, Trump Issued A Challenge To The Media To Ask Clinton To Reject TPP, She Has So Far Refused. “Trump then issued a challenge to the media: ‘If the media doesn’t believe me, I have a challenge for you. Ask Hillary Clinton if she is willing to withdraw from the TPP her first day in office and unconditionally rule out its passage in any form.’” (Julia Hahn, “Trump Challenges Media: Ask Pro-TPP Hillary If She’ll Withdraw From TPP On First Day In Office,” Breitbart, 6/28/16)

The Economic Policy Institute Estimates The U.S. Lost More Than 2 Million Jobs To TPP Nations In 2015 Alone:

The Economic Policy Institute Estimates That The U.S. Trade Deficit With The 11 TPP Nations Led To The Elimination Of More Than 2 Million U.S. Jobs In 2015.“The U.S. trade deficit with the 11 other TPP countries eliminated 2 million jobs, as shown in Table 2, which reports the number of direct, indirect, and respending jobs lost (aggregated over all industries). The trade deficit between the United States and the 11 other TPP member countries in 2015 directly eliminated 418,900 jobs. In addition to the direct jobs lost, the U.S. trade deficit with the TPP country group eliminated an additional 847,200 indirect jobs in supplier industries, including jobs in manufacturing, commodity, and service industries. Finally, wages lost because of direct and indirect job cuts from the trade deficits with the TPP member countries would have supported an additional 759,700 respending jobs. The direct, indirect, and respending jobs displaced by the U.S. trade deficit with TPP member countries totals 2,025,800 jobs lost.”(Robert E. Scott and Elizabeth Glass, “Trans-Pacific Partnership, Currency Manipulation, Trade, And Jobs,”Economic Policy Institute, 3/3/16)

The U.S. Already Has “A Large And Growing Trade Deficit” With The 11 Members Of The Proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Deal.“The United States already has a large and growing trade deficit with the 11 other countries in the proposed TPP, which reached $265.1 billion in 2014. In contrast, the United States had a small trade surplus with Mexico in 1993, before NAFTA took effect. In other words, outsourcing to the TPP countries is a potentially much greater threat than it was under NAFTA with Mexico.”(Robert E. Scott, “Fast Track To Lost Jobs And Lower Wages,”Economic Policy Institute’s Working Economics Blog, 4/13/15)