5 Reasons America Will Be More Conservative, via Daniel Lang

Arthur Schaper,

I recently discovered an article by author Daniel Lang, an incredible piece brimming with optimism for us conservatives. This quote in his article sums up his argument: “I think that the political landscape in America is going to be drifting towards conservatism for the next 20-40 years.”

Do his hopes for an American conservative ascendancy seem ideal or quixotic?

Here are his five reasons for his beliefs, and I agree with him. If all things continue as they have for the last ten months, we should to prepare for a compelling conservative pre-eminence:

1. The Federal judiciary will be more conservative

The Number One argument from Trump supporters to convince dubious fellow conservatives to vote for Trump was the United State Supreme Court. Scalia’s death had placed the court in a precarious 4-4 split between liberals and conservatives. Hillary Clinton’s appointees would have reduced the United States Constitution to a parchment of suggestions.

Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia have confirmed that will reshape SCOTUS with a clear and convincing constitutionalist temperament. Trump’s long list of potential judicial nominees, along with toughened resolve in the US Senate to confirm judges despite politicized filibusters, all but assure a federal judiciary that will preserve and protect conservative ideals.

gops_small 5 Reasons America Will Be More Conservative, via Daniel Lang Conservatives

2. Mass immigration (including illegal immigration) will decline

Immigrant populations tend to vote Democratic. They want government largesse, or they find more appeal from the political party playing identity politics.

Political assimilation takes time, too, just like cultural assimilation. Now that immigration is declining due to enforcement and robust international economic growth, the large immigrant communities in the United States will settle down, assimilate, develop prosperous careers, lasting legacies, and commit to limited governance and self-rule.

This trend will hurt the Democratic Party in particularly and liberalism general, as they have doubled down on seeking amnesty for illegals and raising immigration levels. Now all of that is going away.

3. The next generation of voters is already conservative

Post-Millennials, or Generation Z have lived through the hard times of 9-11 and the housing crises during their formative years. They experienced the devastating policies of the Obama Administration. Secular progressive puritans in the press and in education have shoved anti-American arrogance down the throats of this younger generations. Now, they are rebelling against liberalism. They are also enjoying the opportunities of a more open, entrepreneurial economy and society, brought by conservative policies. Recent discoveries in biological sciences have made them staunchly pro-life, too.

4. Liberals are not reproducing

The sexual resolution of abject liberals and progressive leftists has ended up decimating their numbers. Christians, populists, and nationalists believe in natural marriage, biological recognition of gender, and the sanctity of life. They will continue to have children, and they will replace the liberal cohorts which are dying out of their own free, misguided will. One clear proof of this is Germany, where childless Angela Merkel’s Party had the worst showing since 1948, while the Alternative for Germany enjoyed an immense surge in numbers. Frauke Petry, their party’s leader, is a social conservative with five children.

5. Academia is going down, and with it left-wing indoctrination

Young college graduates realize that they got sold a bill of goods, with nothing to show for it but grievance and debt. All that useless theory and fantasy shoved down their throats, with the tens of thousands of dollars attached as a price tag, has woken then out of the dogmatic slumbers of subtle socialism.

Colleges are also on the brink of their own “housing” crisis. The excessive costs of a college education are turning off prospective students. Fewer kids will enroll, and the universities will have to lower costs while grappling with their overleveraged assets, including non-essential programs. This economic bubble burst in the next five years. Universities will have to shutter down operations, or shut down completely. Students will go straight into the workforce rather than take on massive debt for a worthless diploma. Nothing ensures a conservative populace than facing, embracing, and overcoming the vagaries of the real world.

Final Reflection

Daniel Lang’s analysis was thorough and engaging. Are his hopes too bullish to believe? I disagree. He provided examples which have been consistent enough to justify political and cultural projections in our favor, based on facts and discernible trends, rather than political bonhomie. 

With all things considered, including a consistently conservative Trump administration and effective Congress in terms of political appointments and policy, America will not only become more conservative, but witness a dominance of center-right political victories.