A Plea From a Distraught Middle Class Mother

Wayne Allyn Root,

I am a S.O.B. (son of a butcher). I see every issue through the eyes of my beloved butcher father David Root. That’s how I knew Donald Trump would win the election when few others did. 

It’s because I clearly see the attack on middle class America. I see the dramatic decline of middle class America. I understand the pain of middle class America. I’ve written many books about it- including “The Murder of the Middle Class” and “Angry White Male.”

I knew Trump’s words and prescriptions would resonate with working class and middle class Americans in terrible pain and decline from the policies of President Obama.

A few days ago, I received a note from a fan of “WAR Now”, my national radio and television shows. This note from a formerly middle class mother says it all. The middle class has lost hope.

This plea from “Mary Rose” perfectly describes the plight of working and middle class Americans with work ethic…who were taught personal responsibility…who do not want to accept handouts from government…who refuse to live on welfare and food stamps. 

Yet they are shocked, sickened and discouraged to witness other Americans- even illegal aliens- happily and enthusiastically living a much better life with EBT cards, food stamps and “free everything” from government.

This is what “progressive,” socialist, big government policies have done to our great American middle class. This is what eight long years of Obama, Obamacare, big taxes, big government spending, big deficit and debt, mounds of regulations, green energy lies, frivolous lawsuit abuse, IRS attacks, open borders and “welfare for everyone” has done to our formerly high standard of middle class living.

This is a disgrace, an American tragedy.

I hope President Trump and at least a few Republican politicians hear her plea. Because for the middle class, it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse.

Here is Mary Rose’s plea for help:

Dear Wayne,

My name is Mary Rose. I live right outside of “corrupt Chicago.”

I am 59 years old. I had the honor of talking to you on “WAR Now” your Newsmax TV show last week, two days in a row.

Long story short, I have been a 1000% supporter of our great, Honorable President Donald J. Trump from day one.

I am by no means, asking for pity. i just wanted to tell you, we used to be middle class, now ex-middle class.

My husband is now 60, and a hard working truck driver, with bad knees, who makes $17.50 an hour.

For the last eight years, we could not afford my husband’s health insurance at work anymore, it was too expensive, he gets paid every two weeks, it was almost at the point, with all the “taxed to death taxes” taken out, and health insurance, it almost came to, where we owed my husband’s work money.

I had to go with the “failed Obamacare.” I am a stay at home mother. Even though my life as I knew it, was over on Sept. 17, 2014 at 11:44 pm, when my beloved only son, “my angel, Ricky Jr.” only 32 yrs old, passed away, suddenly.

We also have a beautiful almost 29 year old daughter, “Rosina” who is special needs….

I know everyone has a cross to bare, yet at this point in our lives, we can’t afford to live anymore- I could not even pay the $800.00 failed Obamacare bill this month.

I am a proud American, and really a nobody, but I always said I wanted to write a book, I didn’t care if anyone read it. If they did, they would have thought it was fiction. In reality, everything I would have written, is the truth.

When my son passed away, which for whatever life I have left…is over anyway, at his funeral, I spoke with my boy laying in a casket, and I said…I always wanted to write a book…but there will be no book, losing my boy, my Ricky, my heart, that was the last chapter, there will be no book. that was the end.

I am sorry for babbling on, I just wanted to thank you for speaking up for us, the forgotten middle class.

“Thank you” you are a good, kind, stand-up man. and you say it like it is. I pray things will soon change for the better. We have no savings- nothing, in fact, I could not even go grocery shopping this week, we get no help from the government, never have.

Sometimes I wonder, why?

We used to live just regular (middle class). Now, we are one paycheck away from being homeless. It’s not fair…When I go grocery shopping, just for basic living items, I have to count my items to make sure I have enough money.

What really gets me is, most of the time waiting to check out, the person in front of me, has three carts of food, goodies, and pays with a debit card. There are many illegal aliens where I live, and they load their groceries in a brand new “big” SUV…my car is 38 years old. I just don’t get it. Well, again I’m sorry for babbling on…

And I am so, so glad for you. You have compassion for us- the forgotten ex-middle class, the ones that do the right things, work hard…yet, in my opinion, because of Barack Obama, killing the middle class (now the ex-middle class), living week to week, one paycheck from being homeless. always worrying, what’s next?

Keep up the good work, you’re the best, you really are. I thank you with all my heart, now “a forever broken heart.”

I look forward everyday to have the honor to watch your wonderful Newsmax TV show. Here’s the 1000% truth- you are our voice, and I am so, so, grateful. Thank you, thank you.

May G-d bless you, and all your family always.”

Truly yours, thank you.

My “angel Ricky Jr.’s forever heartbroken mom, Mary Rose”

  • VanDango

    As a business owner, I work long, hard hours. I pay enough taxes to support another family while we struggle from time to time. I understand this woman. She and so many others are sick and tired of paying more for people who have no right to live in this country.