A Story of Shocking FBI Scandal

Wayne Root,

 I am sad to bring you a story of what certainly appears to be shocking government abuse, corruption, scandal and violation of trust. Im sad because it involves a federal government institution Ive trusted my entire life- the FBI. Its a national scandal that should leave every American shocked and shaken. 

Is the FBI now a telemarketing firm shilling for class action lawsuits at private law firms? If so, who is getting the kickbacks for these multi-million dollar settlements and awards? 

JP Hyan is a longtime friend. Id trust him with my life. He is a former 20-year veteran of a Southern California law enforcement agency and team leader for a SWAT team. After retiring, JP spent almost 20 years as investment manager for large institutional clients. JP is a man who defines trust.  

Sadly, JP lost his nephew-in-law at the Las Vegas mass shooting last month. His nephew was shot in the torso, standing next to his wife. That left JPs niece a widow with 3 children and no income. JPs niece spent a lot of time meeting with FBI agents- as a witness and victim.

fbi_small A Story of Shocking FBI Scandal Corruption

Thats what makes this story so shocking and outrageous. Is it possible that our FBI uses the trust and bond formed with victims of violent crime and even mass murder, to sign these victims up as clients at private law firms?  

Heres the story.

 JPs niece was contacted by a FBI Victims Specialist a week after the Vegas tragedy- at the worst and most fragile moment of her life. 

The FBI Victims Specialist who clearly identified herself as an employee of the FBI, said her goal was to help victims like JPs niece receive the money she needs and deserves. She asked this grieving widow to sign a form and send it back to get the process started quickly.  

The form- sent by an employee of the trusted FBI- was a contract to join a class action lawsuit against MGM and Mandalay Bay. Worst of all, it was a contract with two private law firms in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. 

There is no mistake, or miscommunication, or he said, she said here. Ive seen the contract sent by the FBI to this widow. The FBI (or certainly this FBI employee) is clearly soliciting clients (the victims of the worst mass murder in US history) for a private law firm. 

JP Hyan called the LA office of the FBI and it was confirmed that employees of the FBI are in fact soliciting clients of the Vegas mass murder to these private law firms. The FBI agent on duty saw nothing wrong with this. He strongly suggested JP have his niece speak only to the FBI Victims Specialist.

I called a man I’d consider an authority on the FBI. James Kallstrom is the former Assistant FBI Director. He was clearly rattled by these revelations.

“I have never heard of such an arrangement. It is one thing to comfort victims and to advise them of support that is in the public domain..it is not proper for the FBI to direct victims to for profit law firms. I hope that this is a situation brought about by staff that is not trained properly..i.n any case, the FBI should immediately conduct an investigation and correct this situation. “

–James Kallstrom

Assistant FBI Director (ret)


Next I called the Las Vegas office of the FBI. They decided to bring in the FBI National Press Office for an official response. Here is what they said:

The FBI Victim Services Division provides crisis intervention services to victims and families as well as information and referrals for a range of assistance to help them cope with the impact of a mass casualty event.  These referrals include resources for emotional support, social and medical services, and financial assistance such as State crime victims’ compensation programs and other funds established to assist victims.   Families who have lost a loved one to violent and sudden death often need referrals to public and private legal services to assist with life insurance, guardianship, wills and probate issues, and estate and tax planning.  The referrals to legal services provided by FBI Victim Specialists do not encompass information on class action lawsuits initiated by private attorneys.

–SSA Matthew Bertron
FBI National Press Office


Clearly the national FBI has the story wrong. The question is, did they even investigate? Do they even know what their FBI employees at local offices are doing? Or did the national FBI just find out about this scandal when I called them? Now they’re circling the wagons. is the FBI now involved in an after-the-fact cover-up to save face?

This is shocking and repulsive on many levels. First private law firms are barred from directly soliciting victims of a crime like this. Lawyers can advertise, but they CANNOT directly contact a victim of crime. They can be disbarred for doing so. So how can a trusted government law enforcement agency do it for them? 

Secondly, how do you feel about a government agency acting as an agent or representative sending clients to a private business? 

Third, does the FBI have a contract with these private law firms? If so, what does the FBI receive for referring clients who will likely each be awarded multi-million dollar settlements? 

Fourth, do the officials at the top of the FBI know that their employees are soliciting victims of crime and tragedy to private law firms for class action lawsuits?  

Fifth, is this not a massive violation of the trust of crime victims? 

Sixth, does this routinely happen for every crime victim in the hands of the FBI? If so, this could be a billion-dollar scam. Has the FBI become a telemarketing firm for ambulance chasers? 

How many victims of crime in this country have been contacted by the FBI in recent years and solicited to sign contracts with private law firms? Hundreds? Thousands?  

Lastly, what a perfect scam for private law firms. Only the FBI knows the names and has the contact information for every victim of crime in America. These law firms have hit the lottery. 

Common sense tells me this is about corruption, greed and bribery.  My gut says someone at the FBI is being paid a fortune for guiding crime victims to the right private law firms. 

Its time for government to investigate and shut this obscene scandal down.