Democrats Evidence of Election Fix has been Exposed as the Fakest of Fake news

Jack Kerwick,

The Democrats are hoping to break their spectacular, nearly nine year losing streak by forcing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign. That he recused himself from an investigation into the alleged connections between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is being chalked up by some as a victory.

This is ludicrous.

There isn’t a speck of evidence that Sessions lied when he said that he had not, as a proxy for the Trump campaign, spoken with representatives of Russia. There is no reason at present to suspect that this isn’t true.

What is true is that as a senator on the Armed Services Committee, Sessions met with over 20 ambassadors of other nations.

One of them was an ambassador from Russia.

Sessions recused himself from an impending investigation into the trumped up Trump/Russia connection in order to avoid the verdict—which will expose the Democrats’ charges for the lies that they are—from being suspect.

Sessions, Democrats will be sorry to hear, will not be going anywhere.

It is high time for the president to put to rest these allegations regarding his election and Russia. He should address the country and, with thoughtfulness and clarity, reveal to all remotely reasonable Americans both the scandalous silliness of the Democrats’ conspiracy theory as well as their recklessness in saber rattling with the second most heavily armed nuclear power on the planet.

Trump should make explicit what most Democrats are only implying: The Democrats, beginning with his predecessor, President Obama, would have Americans believe that had Vladimir Putin not “hacked” the election, Hillary Clinton would now be in the White House.

Had Putin—all the way from Russia, mind you—not fixed the election, Trump would not have been the first Republican since 1988 to have won, say, Pennsylvania.

Had Putin not fixed the election, coal miners and other blue-collar laborers in the 220 or so counties that Obama won just four years prior and that Trump flipped would have voted for Clinton.

Had Putin not fixed the election, it would have been Clinton, not Trump, who won more than 2600 of America’s 3100 counties, and Trump, not Clinton, who would have won fewer than 500 of these counties.

Had Putin not fixed the election, it would have been Clinton, not Trump, who won 30 of America’s 50 states.

Had Putin not fixed the election, Clinton would not have jeopardized national security by using, and lying about having used, a private server while serving as Obama’s Secretary of State.

Had Putin not fixed the election, Americans would never have found out about Clinton having used, and lied about having used, a private server.

Had Putin not fixed the election, Americans would never have found out about the DNC emails that had been leaked (not hacked), emails exposing considerable corruption in the party.

Had Putin not fixed the election, candidate Trump never would have been able to garner more votes, with a higher degree of voter participation, and in the most crowded of GOP primary fields, than any Republican in the history of the Republican Party.

Had Putin not fixed the election, the Democratic Party’s losing streak launched by Obama’s election in 2008 never would have occurred.

Had Putin not fixed the election, the Democrats would not have lost over 1200 Congressional seats at the state and federal levels.

Had Putin not fixed the election, Republicans would not have secured about two-thirds of the country’s governorships and about the same number of state legislatures.

The Russians-Made-Us-Lose conspiracy that Democrats have been busy spinning is the mother of all conspiracies. It is distinguished, however, on account of its patent silliness.

It’s also hypocritical. President Trump should remind Americans that the only time (that we know of) when an American politician colluded with Russia to rig an American election was when a Democrat senator, Ted Kennedy, “the Lion of the Senate,” sent an informal ambassador to the Soviet Union to enlist its aid in defeating Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Trump could also remind them that when Russia was communist, when it was known the world over as the Soviet Union, Democrats resisted mightily Reagan’s efforts to defeat it.

It is not the Russians, but the Democrats, who have been laboring incessantly since November 8 to undermine the integrity of both our most recent presidential election and our government. What’s worse, for the sake of denying their own glaring weaknesses and advancing their own partisan interests, Democrats are once again guilty of jeopardizing not just national security but world peace by antagonizing one of the world’s few superpowers.

The president could remind Americans that in spite of making tireless allegations that the Russians fixed the election for him, no one—including and especially the Democrats’ fellow travelers in the leadership of the Deep State, the political hacks that are the heads of the Intelligence Agencies—has submitted a speck of evidence in support of this charge.

Moreover, Trump should remind those who need reminding that what evidence has been advanced has been exposed as the fakest of fake news.

Jeff Sessions will remain our attorney general.

And President Trump should put this lie about the Russians out to pasture once and for all.

  • Jerry_In_Detroit

    And it is also so much organic fertilizer that the Russians hacked the election for Trump. Hillary has a long history of selling out U.S. interests so long as she got her cut. Plus, they reportedly collected around 30,000 potentially embarrassing and even incriminating e-mails which would be quite useful for blackmailing Hillary in the unlikely event that she suddenly developed a conscience or sudden pangs of patriotism. Why would they want Trump.