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The Dems’ Political Area 51

Bruce Thornton, Conspiracy theories abound while media ignore the real story. The Democrats and some Republican NeverTrump bitter-enders are still so addled by losing the election that they have lost themselves in a political Area 51. Like peddlers of space-alien autopsies and earthling abductions, they are spinning preposterous conspiracy theories straight out of Invasion of

New York Times Parses Trump Tweets to Call Obama Spying a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Joel B. Pollak, The New York Times is referring to the story of the Obama administration conducting, then leaking, surveillance of Donald Trump’s campaign as a “conspiracy theory,” even though the story is largely based on the Times’ own recent reporting. The Times‘ effort to deny “DeepStateGate” seems to rest entirely on the argument that the Obama administration did not

Democrats Evidence of Election Fix has been Exposed as the Fakest of Fake news

Jack Kerwick, The Democrats are hoping to break their spectacular, nearly nine year losing streak by forcing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign. That he recused himself from an investigation into the alleged connections between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is being chalked up by some as a victory. This is ludicrous.

Podesta Falsely Claims Trump, Infowars Held Pizzagate Conference Calls

Kit Daniels | Infowars, Embattled Clinton insider pushes fake conspiracy theory. John Podesta, the embattled former campaign chair for Hillary Clinton, is pushing a fake conspiracy theory implying that President Trump calls Infowars to discuss Pizzagate. The irony is that Podesta, who came under fire after Wikileaks released thousands of emails linking him to “Spirit

Hillary Clinton: Mike Flynn Targeted Over Exposing ‘PizzaGate’

Adan Salazar, Flynn suffering ‘real consequences of fake news,’ says Democrat presidential candidate. General Mike Flynn’s resignation as President Trump’s national security adviser was due to the “pizzagate” pedophile conspiracy, Democrat presidential loser Hillary Clinton said Monday night. Following news of Flynn’s resignation, Clinton took to Twitter to support comments made by her former State

TSA workers helped Puerto Rico-based ring smuggle $100M of cocaine, prosecutors say

Catherine Herridge, Prosecutors in Puerto Rico have smashed a ring of current and former U.S. Transportation Security Administration workers that allegedly smuggled 20 tons of cocaine worth as much as $100 million into the U.S. over more than a decade. A dozen members of the alleged ring, including TSA workers and airport employees, were indicted