Evergreen State College: The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost

Jack Kerwick,

Faculty and administrators are reaping what they sowed.

When I was a teenager, I spent much of my time getting involved in all sorts of things that I should have avoided, and knew then that I should have avoided.

One of these activities was fist fighting.

It’s been many years since I was a teenager, and nearly as many years since I’ve been in a physical confrontation with anyone.  At 21, I renewed the baptismal promises of my childhood faith of (Roman Catholic) Christianity and redirected my life, turning from my own little selfish world to that of politics and education.   

What I never could have imagined all of those years ago, and what I still couldn’t have imagined until quite recently, is that American politics generally and Higher Education specifically would become fertile ground for the very violence from which, I was delusional enough to once think, they would provide relief.

The student-thuggery that cowardly administrators and faculty have permitted, indeed, have encouraged, at colleges and universities around the country is one such topic that makes this academic’s blood boil. 

Take Evergreen State College as exhibit one.  I have written about Evergreen recently, so I won’t bother to rehash all of the ugly details that I recounted here.  The gist of the situation is this: A leftist professor, Bret Weinstein, registered his opposition to the new format of his school’s annual “Day of Absence.”  Each year, black students, faculty, and staff would stay home so that their white counterparts could attend racial sensitivity workshops and the like while acquiring an appreciation for the plethora of ways in which nonwhites enrich Evergreen—or something like this.

evf_small Evergreen State College: The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost College

This year, though, the racial roles were reversed and whites were essentially told that they must stay home.  Weinstein, who had no objections to the annual tradition, objected to the fact that, unlike in the past, whites were being coerced, on the basis of skin color, to avoid the college. 

In response, black students accosted, harassed, and physically threatened Weinstein and those of his students who supported him.  On social media, they threatened to “dox” the latter. Weinstein had to be escorted and, soon afterwards, barred from campus, for the police expressly told him that they could not guarantee his safety.

Let this register: A professor who did nothing other than object to a race-based, coercive policy can’t return to a college campus for fear of being injured by students.

What’s worse is that his pusillanimous colleagues and supervisors in the administration have sided with the thugs.  At his “meeting” with them, these punk bullies shouted and cursed at the President of Evergreen State, George Bridges. They mocked and insulted him, calling Bridges by his first name: “F**k YOU GEORGE, we don’t wanna listen to a GODDAMN thing you have to say! No, you shut the f**k up!”

Perhaps most appalling of all, these “protesters” expressed what can only be described as the worst sort of Black supremacy as they recycled racist clichés that one would swear they took from the Nation of Islam’s book of fictions.  This one is a gem: “We been here before you,” one of the students remarked to Bridges. “We [blacks] built these cities, we [blacks] had civilization way before you [whites] ever had…comin’ out your caves.”

Of course, the black supremacist agitators peppered their eloquent oratory with such profound turns of phrase as: “Whiteness is the most violent f**kin’ system to ever breathe!” and “These white-ass faculty members need to be holding HIM [President Bridges], and HIM, and ALL these people accountable!”

They chanted “black power” and “F**K YOU, and F**K THE POLICE!”

In spite of the abuse to which his tormentors subjected him—or maybe because of it?—Bridges thanked the mob and promised to meet their demands. One of Weinstein’s colleagues, a woman who, according to what he told podcast host Joe Rogan, is not white, accused him of provoking a “white supremacist backlash” against the student mob.  

So far, these black supremacists haven’t come close to facing any disciplinary action. Quite the contrary, the very administration that they have bullied, threatened, and intimidated has bent over backwards to reinforce their arrogance.

This whole spectacle should outrage decent people of all races. Evergreen accepts federal monies. Americans should demand that not a penny of their income be spent subsidizing this rot. We should demand that these students be expelled and charged with racial “hate crimes.” The administrators who have allowed this rot to fester should be summarily terminated and those faculty, like, sad to say, Professor Weinstein himself, who invested years into cultivating the leftist ideology of Political Correctness (which includes the dogma of Racial Correctness), should be compelled to sit through an indefinite number of hours of diversity training, yes, but intellectual diversity training.

Granted, this last prescription may not be feasible. I offer it tongue-in-cheek—sort of.  The point, though, is that for as much as Weinstein deserves to be commended for his courage, the fact of the matter remains that the corruption of consciousness that plagues Evergreen’s blacktivist students, the wickedness that they’re unleashing upon the whole school community, is a function of the wickedness of the ideology that they’ve imbibed courtesy of the Weinsteins of academia. 

The students’ gross incivility, arrogance, and ignorance, comprehensively, their lapse into barbarism, reflects the quality of the education, or lack of education, at Evergreen.  These vices are the poisonous fruits of the leftist creed of their faculty and administrators.

Weinstein deserves our support, but he also needs to know that the students who now threaten him and his students are the monster to the Dr. Frankenstein of his own ideology.