Latest 75 WordPress Ping List for October 2013 - How to update WordPress Ping List?

WordPress Ping list is a source which send pings to various search engines about your new post. In simple words Whenever you publish a new post or modify an existing post, WordPress send pings to all of the Ping Networks listed in your Ping Services area. So the searchengines will be notified about your new post or modifications, and they will quickly index your post. In this article I’m going to explain, How you can update your WordPress ping list?

Login to your WP Dashboard and go to Settings >> Writing.







There you can find Update Services Section. Copy and Paste the below ping list there and click on Save Changes button. You should update your ping list after installing WordPress from day 1 on your blog. Below is my ping list. Put the list below and click on Save Changes.

Ping List: copy and paste these links exactly as shown

Update your ping list with the pings above and you are done!

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